Tuesday, 30 April 2013

27/04/2013 - It's a nice day for a white wedding!

So today is the day that my old Uni friend Sue got married to her long time love Rick. It's about bloody time! They've only been together...forever!

An early start beckoned as the joy of being a girl means I have to get primped and primed ready for the day ahead. After deciding that straightening my hair would be sufficient as a 'do' it was to the shower.

Except there was a problem. Whilst the water ran warm from the taps, the water was very cold. Switch the temperature the other way and it ran arctic cold. Paul spoke to the lady on reception who gave him the key to another room to see if that one was any better. NOPE. But that room had a plug, so we stole it and were at least able to have a bath. Hmph. Not ideal but better than washing in the sink.

After a small debarcle with getting a taxi to the church, we made it with about 10 minutes to go before the ceremony began. And the ceremony was...well...they got married, and it's all legal and yay! It was slightly marred by the fact that Sue fainted (luckily was caught by her groom and other family members) and also that the Vicar was an opinionated gobshite who should learn that a wedding ceremony is not the place to air his views on politics or sexuality. Apparently he was equally as obnoxious during their pre-wedding lessons. Urgh.

Anyway, we blagged a lift with the brother of the bride and some groomsmen (thanks Jon!) and made it to the gorgeous barn where they were having their wedding reception. It was lovely.

It was going to be interesting to see another barn wedding, as we are planning ours, along with the fact that they kinda picked the same colour scheme as we have as well! So many similarities! Seeing all their personal touches made me realise how worth it they are, so it was a very good experience!

 Sue and Rick's love story. You'll know them as well as I do!

 Isn't the table lovely?! That yellow card is where I was sat as Sue had remembered that it's my birthday weekend!

They had named the tables after places they had visited, rather than stick with the traditional numbers. Another similarity to our wedding (although not the same naming theme...)...

A glass of wine with my name on it? Don't mind if I do!

The wedding cake was made by Sue's Auntie Liz, who has done an amazing job, I think you'll agree.

Spoiler - it was delicious!

We had a wonderful day, making new friends and reconnecting with people that I have met every now and again over the last 10 years of mine and Sue's friendship. It was a lovely day and I hope that they are as happy as they have been for the last 8 years for the rest of forever.

Aren't they too cute together?!

The end of the evening was marred by the fact that the taxi driver wanted to charge me £45 to drive 15 minutes up the road. WTF?! We managed to fill the taxi and so it was only £15 for us both, and we were first out. I hope that the other two couples didn't have to pay more! I did offer!

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