Monday, 1 April 2013

28/03/2013 - Thursday...that's like a Friday...but it's not

The Thursday before Easter weekend is always an odd one. As it was an end of life as we know it in the legal industry (and it's not going to be a fun place to be...not that it's been much fun recently) and so we were having to prepare for new beginnings, plus also our newbie starting on Tuesday (if she shows up!). Busy busy. I probably did a lot more moving around than I necessarily should have with my current ailment, but it had to be done, so do it I did!

The end of the day came, and I have not looked forward to coming home as much as I did tonight in AGES!

Even though we didn't really do anything, it was lovely! We sat and relaxed and watched The Hunger Games on Blu-Ray, which was nice. We debated various merits and enjoyed some of the fashions on show!

No picture for you today, folks. Sorry about that. Especially as it's my mission statement. Here's a video instead! It's Maia. Dreaming away. You need the sound on high for this one. It's an 'AWWW' moment. Then I ask you to picture this noise next to you in an otherwise silent house at silly o'clock in the morning. Not so awww when it keeps you awake!

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