Tuesday, 30 April 2013

28/04/2013 - Last day of my 20s!

Firstly, happy birthday to my cousin Luke and my Auntie Catherine!

Today we woke up quite early to say it had been a long day before and we were both ok! Whoop to no hangover!

After a dodgy Little Chef breakfast (which we won't be doing again in a hurry) we packed up and headed off back up the road. We had a date with my parents and brother & sister-in-law for lunch to have a pre-birthday celebration.

After a touch and go moment where we were pretty positive we were going to run out of petrol any second, we headed up to my parents' house. We were greeted by my Mum and Dad, and also the lovely Sophie and Charlie, their kitties.

Once my bro and sister-in-law arrived, we set off to the Heart of the Country to an old long term favourite place of our family: The Pear Tree Creperie!

Mmmmm. Crepes! We had a delicious feast!

I only took a picture of the salads before the main courses came along as we wolfed those down pretty sharpish!

After that we went home for a brew and some birthday cake!

It was...ok. Generic shop bought cake. No soul. It was blah.

Guys, Boutros Boutros is still going! My VERY ancient Gourami!I think he's about 10 years old. Ghali died a while ago but Boutros Boutros is keeping on fishing!

From Mum and Dad's we headed over to see my bro & sister-in-law's new house, and Paul watched some football. We then headed back to Manchester to pick up the kitties. They were pleased to see us but not pleased about coming home! Maia kicked up somewhat of a fuss before even being caught to go in her box. She then made a lot of noise while in the car coming home. I tried to take a video. It's bad quality. Sorry.

I hope the above video works! It's Maia doing her usual, but what makes this video different to usual is that she has set Barney off crying as well! He's normally so good and quiet but not today! Turn your volume and you'll hear him...and then you'll have your eardrums burst by my giggling, which I was unable to keep in much longer!

We managed to get home at a not-too-indecent hour and put on the most recent episode of Defiance, which was fun. My last meal of my 20s was a pizza from a local take away. You know what? It was pretty good actually!

Then bed, before work tomorrow. Sigh.

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