Monday, 1 April 2013

29/03/2013 - Not-so-Good Friday

The start of a 4 day weekend! WHOOP!

We had a nice lie in and did some work on our wedding website which is pretty much ready for public consumption. We need a few tweaks here and there but on the whole I'm happy I think.

We headed over to Paul's parents' in Manchester early afternoon so we could prepare for a feast of a dinner. It was while we were there that we heard some awful news. Our wedding photographer (who Paul has known for a couple of years through work) reported that her husband had died very suddenly. It's just so awful. There's nothing you can really say when you hear these things.

We had to do a veg run, as we didn't have enough potatoes. We found this chap who looks like something out of a movie...

Ok, it was funny to us!

We usually take the kitties with us when we go to his parents' house, as they love it there. Serious amore with that place! While Paul and his Mum were cooking, I took to finding out where they were hiding!

I found Barney on top of the wardrobe, happily sitting on a pile of Paul's old CDs. From his perch he can see down the corridor to the rest of the house.

Maia was at the other end of the wardrobes, curled up on a box (which says I love it!) happily watching me! They both love the top of the wardrobes, and more often than not, one or both of them will be up there!

Other sights and sounds from the evening:

Here is the ham joint which had first been boiled in ginger beer before being glazed with ginger preserve, soy sauce and honey then roasted. Spoiler - it was delish.

Paul's Dad's saxophone. Also known as his baby. He loves that thing!

These are the first present I ever bought Paul's Mum. They're wooden roses, as she doesn't see the point in spending lots of money on real flowers as they just die. I'm quite impressed that they've still kept quite a lot of their colour! Plus, they match the curtains! WIN!

Here is dinner - the ham roast, with sausagemeat and cranberry stuffing, green beans, carrots, sprouts and roast sweet potatoes. Not shown is the apple and onion gravy which is divine!

We chilled out for the rest of the evening as we were all pretty tired. We put Skyfall on, but the boys both fell asleep and went to bed. I stayed up with Paul's Mum and chatted about various things, and took more pictures of the kitties!

I love this pic of Maia, as the light coming from the basket it just ace!

Barney's glamour shot!

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