Thursday, 4 April 2013

31/03/2013 - Making mucky things shiny!

We lost an hour! Flaming springing foward. It really messes things up! Sure, more hours of sunshine but WHATEVER! I wants me my hour back!

We left Manchester fairly early so we could get back to normality. And by normality, I mean our messy house. Why did we leave Paul's parents again?...

Right, we need to tidy said messy house.

While I took care of the storage cupboard that was once our spare room, Paul started on our utility room...which is actually just the extension between our kitchen and shower room, which houses the back door and the fridge...but utility room sounds so much better that 'anti-space' don't you think?!

Anyway, he moved out the shelves that are in there with our library of cook books on, and moved the fridge to one side to clean behind/underneath it.

Guys, we have two cats. The following may alarm and disturb anyone with clean OCD. We did not realise it had come to this.




This is what we were greeted with behind/under our fridge.

Just in case that's not clear enough for you...

In no particular order there are hair bands, magnetic letters of the fridge, at least 2 old cat collars, cat toys, straws, A TOOTHBRUSH?!?! And gunk. Lots of dusty gunk. Bleugh.

The cats were so happy we found all these toys, as you can imagine! I, however, washed some of it and threw the rest away. Urgh.

While Paul cracked on with cleaning up the ickiness which is our utility room, I sorted out some clothes which are really just taking up space, so can be donated to charity.

Please tell me I'm not the only person who has loved an item of clothing so much they've bought it in every colour?!

I loved that jumper. I bought the grey one first I believe, then the pink, then the blue.I wore them all the time.

Apart from a bit of bobbling, they're still in good nick. I just don't wear them any more. They remind me of times gone by, and I have new chunky knitwear which has taken it's place in my affections. Now I feel like I have cheated on my clothes. I'm a bad girl.

Here's the pile of wonderful warmth that will be winging it's way to a charity shop near us in the near future. Hopefully it can raise a few quid to do some good in the world.

We both got quite a lot done so we had a bit of a relax with a tasty pasta bake and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on dvd, followed by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I might have tweeted along with the movie. It made Chamber of Secrets more fun, make no mistake!


  1. I love that you shared what was under there! :)

    the toothbrush confuses me too..

  2. It's gross. I am embarrassed by the muckiness under our fridge. However, if we ever lose anything, we know to look under there now!
    Not that I would use my toothbrush again...