Tuesday, 28 May 2013

26/05/2013 - Uh oh...

My darling readers, I am in pain. My  hip is not my friend. Every time I moved last night, I awoke in pain. Not a happy bunny. So we had to stay in bed a little longer. Because I need rest.

Luckily for me, Paul decided to join me and watch the build up to the Monaco Grand Prix in bed! :)

Smug Paul is smug because that top didn't fit this time last year. It's a perfect fit now. Everyone do the dance of joy!

It's all good fun!

We had to get up though, because we have a visitor this evening! I know! How popular we are! So we had a little tidying to do and an invitation to make! Our visitor this evening was our test run for invitations!

Koran came to visit! The same KoKo who came dress shopping with me, and who took me out after I had my hair and make up done. She's a good friend (to get me drunk) and tonight was no exception! Yay! I need pain relief and actual medicinal pain relief isn't working!

Gin and Tonics were the order of the day! They went down very well indeed!

We ate Paella and drank. We watched crappy movies but mostly chatted. Paul went to  bed early and we stayed up and chatted some more!

It might have been a late night! Worth it though.

The invitation - she approved! We have some more work to do on them for other people but I can get them together a lot quicker than we thought, so we are feeling quite happy now!

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge: Making fitness fun.

So I'm injured. I can't make fitness fun right now. Sorry.

Here's a picture of me making fitness fun last year, though!

We attempted a world-record attempt for a can can! Sadly we didn't make it, but it was a good giggle any way!

I actually  look quite skinny here! So this picture is even more fun! :D

Saturday, 25 May 2013

25/05/2013 - No pain, no gain. REALLY?!

It's Saturday night and I'm writing a blog post about the day that it actually is! This never happens! I'm up to date!!

I think it's because the only thing on the telly (meaning that I have lost custody of the remote control) is the Champions League Final which has just finished. I won't spoiler.


For a crazy random change, I'm going to start with today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge picture. Mostly because it started my day!

Today's picture is "at a Park Run or about to do 5km". So, even though I really didn't want to, we went to Park Run!

I have mentioned it before (although last year and I can't even remember that far back, but as it's a 'label' on here I must have mentioned it!) but basically it's a free weekly timed 5km!

We don't go as often as we should. But, as I said, even though I really didn't want to go, we went!

It has been a gorgeous day in Liverpool so it wasn't a bad morning to go for a run. 

I managed to jog/run the whole 5km. This is a big achievement for me. I've never done that before. If you go back to my entry on the 8th May 2013, you'll see that one of my goals for 2013 was to be able to run a 5km without stopping. Yup. Big tick against that one. I'll never be able to 'run' 5km, so maybe I phrased it wrong. But I didn't need to walk at any point. Whenever I found myself getting out of breath, I just slowed down. So I was probably jogging at walking pace, but hey, I didn't walk! 

As of now - 2157 hours, I haven't received my result. Even though it's been over 12 hours since I finished. I guess I'll try to remember to let you know in tomorrow's post. IF I EVER FIND OUT.

Anyway. I might be regretting the run now. My hip hurts. Not in a good way. In a not-being-able-to-put-weight-on-my-right-leg way. I hope that goes away because I don't want to have to take an exercise break. I am going to rest for the next few days and hope it gets better. I think I run with my foot turned out, as when it's in that position, it doesn't hurt. When I turn it straight it does. So I guess I need to teach myself to run again. GREAT.

I can't take anti-inflammatory tablets due to my asthma. No ibruprofen or asprin for me. No voltarol or diclophenac. No deep heat. I have to suffer medicine free. So I decided to put an ice pack on it. Except we didn't have any ice. All we had was a frozen wine cooler. THAT'LL DO!

Pretty sure my parents gave me this. It's the best ice pack ever! Although it thawed pretty quick so it's back in the freezer.

So, next choice in medicine?

 This wine was a gift from Paul's Mum. It's REALLY nice. I'm currently drinking it slowly to make it last as long as possible!

Oh yeah - Paul's parents' came over this afternoon! We debuted our wedding invitations to Paul's mum. I don't think she liked them. Not a good start.

Anyway, it's just after 10pm now. I'm shattered and in pain. Think I'll finish my wine and go to bed soon.

OH, one more thing: Happy Towel day, everyone!

If you have to ask...google it. If you still don't get it...join the library! :)

24/05/2013 - RIP Boutr0s

Guys, today started badly.

I slept for about 4 hours. I woke up at stupid o'clock because the baby next door WOULD NOT STOP SCREAMING. Seriously. I don't blame the baby. He's a baby. But he was screaming for over an hour.

I understand that when you're a parent, you can't go to your child every time it cries. I know that. I also understand the whole thing about letting it learn to sleep in a room by itself. HOWEVER, an hour of screaming?! This wasn't attention-seeking screaming, this was genuine DO SOMETHING screaming. You know what they did? They put on the AWFUL CD that they always play. Granted, not at the volume that it's usually on during the day, but that's what they did to stop the baby crying. Spoiler. It didn't work.

After an hour of me huffing and puffing and generally being really p***ed off, I remembered my secret weapon: ear plugs. In they went and back off to sleep I went.

Until 3.30am when Barney decided it was a perfectly acceptable hour to stomp all over me asking for attention. I gave him a tickle - he purred and curled up next to my head. Until I stopped tickling him as I fell back asleep, where he started stomping again, then jumping onto the side and knocking bits and bobs onto the floor. With a dramatic exclamation of "Mummy can't do this, Barney! She just can't!" (yes, I refer to myself in the third person), I got up and went to give them more biscuits. Anything to get them to let me sleep!

It worked. I got to go back to sleep. Until 5.40am when the alarm went off for us to get up and go to the gym.

I didn't want to go. But we went anyway. I did some weights. It was tough.

I came home and showered. As I was getting ready for work, I got a text from my Mum to relay the devastating news that my fishy, Boutr0s-Boutr0s, had passed away in the night.


I have mentioned Boutr0s-Boutr0s before, but for those of you who have not been paying attention, I have had him for over 10 years. Probably more like 11! Granted, Mum has had custody of him for the whole of that time, but he was my fishy. He was a pink kissing gourami and had been a lone-fish for some time. His tank-mate, Ghali, passed away a little time ago.

I can't remember why we decided to name them after an Egyptian politician, but that was his name.

The last ever pic taken of Boutr0s-Boutr0s, taken on 10th May 2013.

Rest in Peace, Boutr0s-Boutr0s. I missed you anyway, but Mummy Hartley will miss you the most. She won't miss how much you cost her over the years, but that empty tank won't be nice for her. :(

On that sad note I went to work and lamented my loss to my colleagues, who thought it was really funny. Meanies.

After work, we debated going to a yoga class, but as a full box of envelopes had just fallen on my head in the office, making me go a little dizzy, we decided to just go home.

I can't remember if I tweeted the picture of the cat grass I started growing last week. This is it now!

 It has come along a treat!

Speaking of treats; as the kitties get one, I feel like we deserve one as well!

This chocolate has been getting a lot of press recently. It's completely Marmite (either love it or hate it) according to the people I know who have tried it.

My verdict: I really don't know! The jelly bits are also popping candy which is the stuff that crackles in the back of your mouth when you eat it.

I can't decide if it's fun or just plain annoying. I only ate the above. Will have to try some more just to see!

Absolutely exhausted, I managed to watch this week's 'Revolution' and then headed to bed. Pretty sure I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge: Weights or Body Weights.

I did weights at the gym this morning. I didn't take a picture. Nobody needs to see that. Plus it's a bit weird taking photos at the gym! Instead, I got Paul to take this one of me doing dips at home.

Ignore the crazy amounts of dust on the side of my trousers. Pretend I meant for that to be there...

23/05/2013 - Messy

Thursday. We got up and went to the gym! Like we were meant to! Go us! Cross trained for a while and then hammered the upper body ergometer. Or the 'arm bike' as I like to call it! Reckon I was making some rather iffy noises but sod it! I was working hard!

You don't need me to mention how my day was in work! It's always the same! I did pop home at lunch to break up the day a little. It didn't really. The day was still long.

This is the view at my desk. Although imagine colleague T in the chair. Not that you know what colleague T look like. Hmmm. She actually does look a bit like Demi Moore. Just with shorter hair and less surgery! And a posh St Helens accent! ;)

 After work I came home and we set to work on our wedding invitations. I will reveal them to you (maybe) after we have actually sent them out, but there is some ink-work involved. It's a messy job. Which has left me with black fingers.


As it turns out, Paul is much better at the ink-work than me, so I got him to do it. Instead, I sorted my friend Koran's birthday present.

It was her birthday on the 14th April, but as I haven't seen her, it's taken me a while to sort this. I made arrangements for her to come for dinner on Sunday so figured I should probably sort it out before she arrives!

Like it?! I bought it at a website called 'Not On The High Street'. I love that site! I buy loads from there!

After lots of hard work we went to bed, so we could have a good night's sleep before the gym tomorrow morning.

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge is of  a healthy dinner. I've already shown you salad and blah so here's something a bit different!

This is steak (can't remember if it was beef or venison) on a bed of asparagus and green beans and mashed root vegetables.

Nowt moist on this. Just a lovely and healthy dinner.

22/05/2013 - Naughty scran

It's Wednesday! Which means that it's a morning off the gym...not that we had one yesterday or anything...or the day before. Aherm.

Anyway, I headed to work with a little more of a smile on my face as I was legitimately able to sleep longer rather than by accident, and cracked on with my work!

Colleague J went to visit the Beanie Man at lunch time and got a few freebies, and gave me a nice cheese and onion sandwich!

Except the thing was that it wasn't actually nice. I'm sure some people like it. Not me. The whole cheese, onion and mayo combo has only ever been nice to me once. About 2 years ago.

Sorry, Beanie Man. Have a spare falafel salad next time and I will love you forever!

I just want to be clear, I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth! I'm poor. Free food is welcome!

Paul sent me this picture to make me smile.

Barney was doing his long cat impression. About 10 seconds before this picture was taken, he was even longer! Gutted!

It's #Whedonsday, so Chris was coming over to visit for some dindins. Paul made pork chilli burritos, after we watched Man vs Food last night and saw a giant burrito which looked AMAZING.

As it was taking a while, we had some snacks to start with.

I might have eaten more than I should have of these. Thank goodness we didn't have pudding!

After Chris went to run for his train, we went to bed. Fingers crossed for a good night's sleep.

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge pic: Proud Achievement.

Well, I've never run a marathon. Never anything close in fact. Never run an official timed race. I've never entered any fitness competitions and the only trophy I have won is from a disco dance exam when I was in single digits, before I was politely told that I was a little too...chubby...for dance.



I think my proudest achievement has come this year.

I wore these trousers all the time last year. They are now so big I can take them off without undoing them. I have officially lost 1 dress size. In some shops, I have lost 2!

There is still some way to go to where I would like to be...I mean look at those arms...however they are better than they was and with more work, I will be happy!

Seriously, these trousers are so big, I had to buy a belt to hold them up. The only one I had that would fit through the loops didn't have holes high enough to hold up the trousers! :D

21/05/2013 - Foldemort

I really couldn't think of a title. Soz. It's witty - when you see today's pics!

We had a little malfunction this morning. We might have kind of sort of slept through the alarm. So only waking up at 6.30 to realise it's too late to go to the gym. OOPS. There were no interesting classes to go to after work either (there was zumba, but Paul didn't want to do it) so looks as though we're having an unscheduled day off exercise!

Work was same old same old. However the joys of having a shared drop box with Paul is that I can see anything he takes a picture of in real time, as I get a notification in the bottom corner of my computer screen.

Today I got these:

I think Paul's a bit jealous of my origami skillz and so decided to try something of his own. Can you guess what animals they are supposed to be?!

I came home after work to discover that I had a delivery awaiting me! Another wedding one! This one I might share with you!

Place cards! They will look a little bit more exciting come the day. I purposefully ordered plain and uninteresting ones to inspire me to spice them up a bit for the day.

It's all getting a bit real now!

We watched some TV and I folded a load more cranes then went to bed like the rock n roll couple we are. I know you're all jealous of our lives!

Anyway. Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge. My fitness role model

I don't really have one to be honest! There are people I admire but I don't think that counts as a role model. I admire folk who push themselves hard and work hard to get what they want and achieve it. A girl I went to school with is now a personal trainer. She was always into dance etc but after having two kids has, in her own words, now got the body she always wanted.

Follow her on twitter here! She's lovely!

I guess if you want a picture of something that I strive for - you all know what my fitness motivation is: I want to tone up and look good in my wedding dress. Who is toned and looked good in a wedding dress recently? Jessica Ennis. Olympic Gold medallist at last year's Olympic games in the Heptathlon. She seems lovely. So here's a pic of her on her wedding day.

Image from OK magazine

20/05/2013 - Active. Ish.

We did not go to the gym this morning. On purpose. So we would go after work.

I hate going to the gym after work, but do so I shall.

Maia loves to stand on my phone. She's locked it by inputting the incorrect 'code' on more than one occasion. I like to think she's tweeting her fans. Not that she has a twitter account. She used to have a facebook. She had more friends than me. I'm a bit sad about that.

Work was...well, you know the usual spiel. What can I say - nothing new happened. Which is dull. I should really make fun things happen!

As promised, we got ready and went to the gym straight from work. My colleagues make such a song and dance about me going after work. I guess it's because they see me in my fitness gear. Maybe they don't believe me when I say I go before work. I can't prove that.

Anyway, as last week sucked a little in the gym, I went to the circuit training class with Paul. It was tough. Especially as we were split into a group of 6, and the other 4 people in our group were super fit. Not impressed.

Here's Paul outside the gym afterwards.

The girl in blue (in front of the red bricks) was in our team. She was super fit. I hate her. Not really. I'm just jealous of her toned long legs and her stamina. Bet she can't quote the whole of Lord of the Rings though, can she? Bet she can't make a mean Lemon Drizzle cake. Bet she can't...um...[insert something cool here]...YEAH! In your face, fit girl.

We came home, ate dinner and went to bed. Because we're so rock n roll like that!

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge is pictures of 3 friends drinking water!

It's giving me a lot of credit here. I don't have that many friends that I see regularly. So I might have had to...improvise...somewhat...

Paul. Drinking water.

Maia. Drinking water.

 Barney. Drinking water.

Hey - it doesn't specify that my friends need to be human, does it?!

I am REALLY going to struggle on the 27th, aren't I?!

19/05/2013 - Procrastination

I woke up this morning feeling quite a lot better. But still - it was necessary for a lie in...just to be sure.

I should have got up and done some ironing. Because that would be the clever and grown up thing to do. Yeah. I didn't do that. I made every excuse under the sun to not do any.

I'm going to regret that next weekend, aren't I?! Still - we get a spare day off next weekend, so one of those days can be used to iron! Clever me!

We pretty much just sat around today! We discussed wedding stuff but that's about the level of excitement!

Boring and dull! So here's a pic of Barney in a box!

It's a cat! In a box! How new and original...

Anyway, we ventured downstairs to watch the football. After all - it's Sir Alex Ferguson's last game in charge of Manchester United! It has to be seen! It was quite a match by all accounts.

Let's be honest. I was quite bored. I simmed a little but decided my attention could be better used elsewhere. So I started making some paper cranes out of pages of an old and battered copy of Lord of the Rings!

The paper is really thin so it's quite difficult!

Apparently it's really lucky if a bride and groom fold 1000 cranes before their wedding. Challenge accepted. Maybe. I got a paper cut.

I found this picture in our shared dropbox. Paul adds this to food. We had gumbo and Paul likes to add some heat. It's not for me. I would pull the same face as the chap on the label!

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge: Paul and I about to exercise together!

Ain't I pretty?! I don't believe in wearing make up to work out. Who am I going to impress?! There are a LOT of people who do that around here. I judge them. You should too!

18/05/2013 - Woe is me!

I woke up this morning with a migraine. Not good. One is not amused.

I ate a couple of crackers and took some medication and it eased. Temporarily. Which was good as I had to head into Liverpool to meet my bezzie who needed to do some shopping before heading out to Sorrento in a couple of weeks to be a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding.

As it was a bit of a rushed sesh, we went for some lunch before she got her train back home. We went to a place called House on Bold Street. Everywhere was absolutely packed. This place - not so much!

It's a bit trendy and mismatched, but it's fun enough and the menu is quite varied.

Luce decided that lunch was on her as she had got some pretty good tips the night before. She came back from ordering lunch with these:

Gin and tonic. For breakfast (I hadn't eaten yet, other than the couple of crackers earlier on). I'm not proud of this but couldn't say no.

I ordered cheese and ham ploughmans. It was good, although I had the outside slice of bread so one side was a little dry. Clearly they didn't do what we did when working in catering and use the other side as toast.

Lucy had citrus and coriander wrap. We were going to go halvsies but she decided she liked hers so much she wolfed the lot down!

 We also got a this little delight. Cheese fondue!

Before anyone comments - cheese isn't my migraine trigger. I think today's was caused by last night's large glass of wine!

We did enjoy the melted cheese delight. To the extent we were gutted that we ran out of things to dip in it. The celery was awful and flimsy so we gave it a miss.

The next picture is all Lucy. I did not chastise her for it as I found it very funny!

Yep - we got a spoon. Drank it like soup. HEALTHY!

She had to get the train home, so I did a little more shopping and then came home. Which was a good thing as the migraine came back with a vengeance so back to bed I went.

I can't honestly tell you what I did for the rest of the evening. I had some dinner. I think I stayed in bed and probably caught up on my blog! I am awfully lax. Sorry.

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge isn't an easy one for me. It is all to do with swimming. I can't really swim. I'm not very confident and I don't like swimming pools really. The chemicals in the water make my skin dry and sore. I much prefer sea swimming, which only happens on holiday.

I have scoured our holiday pics for a pic of me in the sea and none exist (apart from one from about 6 years ago on me in Turkey night swimming, and it's of me in my bikini when I was super skinny but even though it's on Facebook, I'm not putting it out there AGAIN!) so here's a pic of me in Tunisia 3 years ago in the sea. This was us walking back to the hotel after swimming so technically it counts..

Yeah. I fail.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

17/05/2013 - Fun day Friday!

Yes we got up early and yes we went to the gym. Again. Are you bored of hearing that yet?! I'm not bored of telling you! I'm proud of us going 4 times this week and I hope we can do it again next week! :)

Colleague J was off again so it was just us merry few. Sadly J being off meant that no one had collected the post from the Post Office, so muggins here was tasked that job. Which meant I got an extra 4 mile walk in my daily exercise. Yay.

Sadly for me as I was walking towards the main road I was greeted with the sight of a dead cat in the garden-y bit. With the same colourings as Maia. This upset me so much. Poor little thing. It was little too. I send my love to it's owners, whoever they are. It also makes me glad I made the decision to keep my two indoors. There are too many maniac drivers on the main roads around here. I have lost a cat once, I don't wish to do it again.

Poor little thing.

Anyway, after a dull afternoon in work, I met up with Paul and headed into town to do some shopping. On today's list - wedding shoes and mini-bridesmaid dresses.

As we walked down the main shopping street we were greeted by these:

I have no idea. But it's all good fun!

Anyway, we were just getting an idea of dresses for S, our mini-maid. To me, she's too old to be a flower girl so mini-maid she is! Dresses for little girls are just too cute!

So pretty!

Really cute!

We have a few ideas now, which is good. I need to send the suggestions to S's Mum and let her take S to try them on and she can have whichever she likes best. She'll look gorgeous in whatever she wears so I'm not too fussy!

We also came across something amazing for me and a definite for the wedding list.

This is my wine glass. It might just about hold enough for me...

We also went to check out a pair of shoes I'd seen online at Kurt Geiger as a possibility for my wedding shoes. The problem with Kurt Geiger shoes is that they have a tendency to be ridiculously high. I couldn't find them in the Kurt Geiger shop, however they appeared in Debenhams. On sale. For half price.

Well. That pretty much sold them to me! They're high, but not scary high. If they get uncomfortable, I can now justify buying a nice pair of flats to wear in the evening - perhaps some TOMS or something.

Want to see? Ok!

Cute, huh? They have a gold glittery sole as well! I just need to wear them in and scuff the base a little as they are a little slippy. Anyone got any tips so that I don't go flying down the aisle?!

After finding that bargain and being all window-shopped out, I treated Paul to a bevvy.

We then went home, ate Gumbo and watched Black Swan on BluRay. It was really good. Not at all what I imagined it to be! Natalie Portman is just too pretty. Urgh.

I then passed out. Literally. Still wearing my new sparkly shoes and everything. Oops.

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge pic - Climbing stairs. EASY!

 Here's me walking up my stairs, only to be halted by a giant stair-dwelling miniature panther! He would not let me pass. Big meanie.