Thursday, 2 May 2013

01/05/2013 - Pinch Punch (and all that)

Happy 1st May everyone! How is it May already?! Yes, I am probably going to be using this statement every single month. But seriously. This isn't good!

Work was pretty rubbish today to be honest. I think I'm being trained to be a Fee Earner (basically an unqualified Solicitor) which is not my idea of fun. I am an administrator, not a Solicitor. I have never ever wanted to learn the Law. It doesn't interest me. Apparently I now have to. Hmmm. We'll see about that.

Anyway, I escaped work as early as I could get away with to come home for some #Whedonsday action! Which is always good.

First came the part I forgot about:

It's the birthday bag! This bag has been passed between Chris and myself on our birthdays for the past 5 years now! Hence it looking a little worse for wear but hey! It's full of goodies galore! Not that I've taken a picture of it for you to check out, but we top it up every time with new fun and exciting stuff! I now have until December to think of fun and exciting stuff to add to it!

As #Whedonsday continued, we ate a rather scrummylicious sausage casserole, the recipe for which you can find here, followed by the remains of my chocolate birthday cake. And beer, of course.

Then we settled back, feeling all full and smug. Maia came to join us and she did something she has never actually done before. She cuddled up on Paul.

Bad photo - sorry, honey!

Normally she'll cuddle up if the duvet is on us (yes, there is a duvet on the sofa, no I'm not sorry about it!) but she doesn't willingly curl up on Paul, knowing it's Paul! I'm so happy! She even stayed there a little while too!

I got to enjoy this. The #Whedonsday tankard full of foamy goodness.

I think it's about time we had a few days off the booze now, don't you? People will start thinking I'm an alcofrolic!

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