Saturday, 4 May 2013

03/05/2013 - In through the nostrils...

Another morning, another non-gym sesh. I'm ashamed. But we promised we'd go in the evening, and by golly we did. More about that later on.

I disliked work today. It dragged something shocking. I wanted to be at home doing productive stuff, but alas it was not to be. Instead I updated lists and thanked people for doing reports on us as it helps make my life easier. Apparently I'm the only manager who appreciates it. All the others feel like they're getting a telling off! If they used the lists as I do, they wouldn't feel that way as they'd be able to stay on top of things! 

Yes, this is a big up myself paragraph. I don't do those very often!

I have leant colleague T my entire Harry Potter dvd collection as her and her 12 year old daughter haven't watched them. HOW DO YOU AVOID THIS STUFF?! Plus they're going to Florida in 3 weeks and thought they'd go to Harry Potter world (or whatever it's called) without knowing anything about it?! HUH?! They wouldn't get it! So I'm doing my duty to Potter and passing on the love. I would have let them borrow my Potter books (maybe) if there had been more time but the movies will have to suffice.

I got home and Paul had made the decision that we were going to go to a yoga class at our gym. Ok. We haven't been to yoga since before I broke my elbow (January 2010) and he really enjoyed it and found it beneficial. Well, what better way to relax after a stressful day at work?

How wrong could I be.

This was HARD, guys. We used to go to beginners yoga. This hour-long session was not for beginners - it was straight in and straight to it! It was in the sports hall so we could barely hear what the instructor man was saying! It was more a case that we copied the people in front of us!

The only bits I could understand what when he was telling us to breathe slowly in through the nostrils and out through the nostrils. Well, there's some progress - last time I did yoga I couldn't breathe through my nose, so at least I was doing that bit right!

I'm also glad we did the plank challenge last month, as my core got a proper workout! I think my abs will hurt tomorrow! Who needs sit ups?!

My elbow is now very stiff and I can't straighten my arm fully. Hmm. Maybe it will never fully recover. Or maybe more yoga will help? We'll go back again I think. Maybe we'll be better next time?!

I realise I haven't posted a picture for today yet, so here's Maia looking gangsta in my necklace.

This made me LOL.

Here's a picture that Paul took for me testing out the features on his phone camera.

Alien lady?! Check out that five-head! I look like a Whedon vampire or a Klingon with those wrinkles!

When we got home it was time for our #PhotoFitChallenge. Today - squats.

I'm so pretty, aren't I?

Then, after dancing around the kitchen to some fun tunes on the iPod, I sat and channel hopped while Paul finished cooking dinner. I discovered "Say Yes to the Dress!" on a new tv channel we have. It makes our wedding look sane after seeing these brides and their maids! One bride was insisting on a one-shoulder dress for her bridesmaids, even though her chief bridesmaid looked awful in them. The other bride had a Maid of Honour who wanted the limelight to be on her and not to share the role with another lady and she even said something along the lines of "I don't care that this is her (meaning the bride) special day!" Um. WHAT?! I am blessed with my bridesmaids. If the bride wants you all to wear the same, you do it!


Then it was time for dinner and the latest ep of Revolution. Which was fun. Today's dinner was Meatloaf in a tomato and chickpea sauce with steamed veg. YUM.

You impressed? We've got leftovers tomorrow night, if you want to join us?

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