Sunday, 5 May 2013

04/05/2013 - A trip down memory lane

It's Saturday and it's not raining. This is rare. We could make as many excuses as we like to stay in, but no. We're heading out! We're leaving the house! Yowza!

But first, brew and brekkie needed. I also fashioned a little origami.

I'm not very good at this crane malarky. I best keep practicing. This chap looks a little drunk. And has a beard. Actually, I quite like him!

Maia made it very difficult for me to get up also:

The paws get me every time!

I love it when they sleep with their paw over their eyes! It's just too gorgeous!

So we got up and headed out. As it's a nice day, we decided to walk. Which is also my #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge pic for the day!

This is me. Walking. Interesting, no?

It's about a 3 mile walk to town, so not too bad. Although we were both feeling the after effects of the yoga from Friday! We went and bought a few bits we needed, and also the remaining bits of my sister-in-law's birthday present (which I may show you after she's had it. She might read this!) and went into shops that sell beautiful furniture but waaaay out of our price range. Sadly.

By then we were parched. So we stopped in a bar for a sparkling water.

I promise it was water. We were thirsty!

We then walked around a couple of shops and started getting ideas for things that we want to put on our wedding gift list. We would have actually gone to compile it today, however the shop recommends that we wait until July to make it so there's less chance of the items we want going out of stock. I guess that makes sense but we wanted to play!

From there, we decided to stroll home. And were parched again. So we came to an agreement that we would stop for ONE drink (yeah, right) and then walk home.

We decided to go to The Pilgrim, which is a place I spent a good amount of my time when I was at Uni as it is opposite my old drama building!

Ah, the Joe H Makin building. It's a gorgeous building. Who wants to work in a boring classroom when you can work here?!

Specially made gates. Ah, the memories.

We stopped in at the Pilgrim and ran into a couple of old regulars from The Hog's Head when I used to work there! Marty and Eileen were some of our favourite regulars (as well as you, Davey Mac, don't worry!) and stopped going in when all us fun team members left and the beer got crap. They now frequent the Pilgrim, so any old Hog's staff that feel like saying hi to them, they're in there most Saturday afternoons!

The other fun thing about the Pilgrim, apart from regressing me about 8 years is that it is an old pub and it has these old jukeboxes on the walls!

They don't work but they have a great selection of tunes on there if they did work! There's also a lot of Liverpool art on the walls, but as the pub was quite busy, I couldn't take many pictures.

After what might have been more than one drink (thanks, Marty!) we headed back up the hill to the house where we ate leftovers of the meatloaf and veg, and watched Cabin in the Woods. Then we watched some of the 'making of' documentaries. Because. Nerds.

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