Monday, 6 May 2013

05/05/2013 - Aaand relax

It's Sunday. It's also the middle day of a 3-day weekend here, so I fully intend on making the most of it and doing sweet naff-all!

Well, when I say naff all, I mean stuff that doesn't require a great deal of effort. After all, it's Sunday. It's the day of rest. And I mean that this time!

Even today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge says that it's relaxation day! Who am I to argue?!

However, I did leave the house! Paul and I walked to the Supermarket. Because it's not raining, and we weren't buying a lot, there is absolutely no reason to take the car!

Due to the hideousness of the weather in the early part of the year, everything is blooming late now. So we have spring blossom which I'm pretty sure you usually get in March on the trees now.

I love blossom. I think it's beauuuutiful! It's rare to see it where I live as there are no gardens really, so I had to take a picture of this today!

Once we got back, Paul went to the football and I did ridiculous amounts of washing. Seriously. 7 loads. Urgh. We should wear less clothes!

I also sorted a load of wedding paperwork into a bigger folder so everything can be in one place. We've also been using many different 'project books' for this task, so I consolidated everything into one book, complete with tabs. I hope you're impressed. I am. Just got some finer details to work out but we can start that tomorrow. Remember, today is rest day! Plus I can't make these decisions without Paul, can I?!

Once Paul returned we had dinner and watched The Avengers. Because we needed to watch something! Then to bed. Fabulous.

Anyway, Day 5's rest day picture to follow.

Me chillin' on the bed with a large brew and my babba! Perfect rest!

I can't very well take rest photographs without snapping the two most rested residents of my household.

 Maia resting.

Barney just hangin' out.

I wish I could be one of my cats sometimes. They have an easy life!