Saturday, 11 May 2013

08/05/2013 - Giving and Receiving

Exhausted after a later night than usual finishing the Sookie Stackhouse book last night. Still, it was worth it! Have to work hard, as ever, because them's the rules.

Work was the same as ever. Nothing new there.

During my lunch break I spent a fortune. A necessary fortune, but a fortune it was. I paid for a print I ordered from my friend Mia, I paid for some little wedding details I had ordered. I also bought something pretty to wear in my hair for the wedding. It's not expensive, so if I don't like it or it doesn't work, it won't cost me a fortune. It's made by hand and I'm very excited to see it in person! Just hope it goes with my dress like I envision that it will! I would much rather pay for something that keeps someone in business than pay a ridiculous fortune for something manufactured in bulk and making 'The Man' more wealth.

Anyway, after work, I headed home to prepare for #Whedonsday! What an evening it was! Whilst Paul was cooking, I caught up with my good pal Chris hearing about his wedding plans and dilemmas. It made me feel better knowing that we're not the only ones not having smooth sailing! Still, it could be worse!

I also got my birthday present from Chris!

It's a big thick book full of fabulous details about one of our favourite TV shows, Firefly, which was so cruelly cancelled before it's time.

We started watching Firefly tonight as well. Which was extra ace!

After Chris left, I pretty much headed straight to bed. I was shattered!

So after that complete anti-climax of an ending to my blog, here is today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge. My goals for 2013.

Yes, it has Saturday's date on it. I lost the original one. So sue me! It's here!

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