Monday, 13 May 2013

10/05/2013 - She took the midday train goin' anywhere...

You'll see what I did there in a bit!

Today was another long day but as I used that title yesterday I had to think of something else! We went to the gym like good little soldiers. Paul ran and I did a warm up run then did some upper body weights so I will be all toned and lovely for the wedding...and will try to forget the pain in the meantime!

I then went to work for 3 hours: I had quite a bit to fit into those three hours so it's a good job I did go in!

I then left work to get on a train. Not this train, but one like it. I was on a trek to the Midlands to go and visit to the dentist! Yes, I travel a loooooooooong way to go to the dentist.

 This train was heading for Wigan. Feel free to catch it if you feel like an adventure.

I caught my connecting train to Stafford and then had to change train again to get to Lichfield. There, my Dad was waiting to meet me and drive me home.It's always nice to see a friendly face! And get a lift.

I visited my old home for a few minutes and then headed back into town to get to the dentist. While I was there, Mum bought me a nice Loafers sandwich which I had been looking forward to for quite literally a year!

Chicken, ham, stuffing and cranberry. Also known (to me) as a Christmas sandwich. It was ok. Not as good as I remember. Which makes me really sad.

I then came back to my parents' house to hang around for a bit before my return train home. It meant I got to chill out with the cats for a while. Always a pleasure! Sophie was moaning to go outside so I had to chill with them outside. No big deal!

The lovely Sophie. She's so pretty!

Slightly blurry Charlie! He did NOT want his picture taken! The blur is because of the crazy amount of zoom I had to use to get a pic of him!

Eventually they both came in and chilled out on the back of the sofa.

I love Charlie's beard! It's so cute! Mother and son!

There's also another old friend who deserves some airtime!

I'm pretty sure I'll have introduced you to Boutros-Boutros before. He's still with us. A flamin' old fish but he's still chillin'. Sadly the tank is getting dirty really easily as it's just him in such a big tank. I think Mum needs to get one of those cleaning fish from Finding Nemo!

It turns out that with all the nattering I didn't have enough time to get to the train station to catch my train! This meant that my Dad gave me a lift back to Stafford (about 30 minutes drive or so away) so I could meet my connection.

It hailed all the way to the station, yet it was really sunny on the platform!

I had about 5 minutes to wait before the train and there was plenty of room, which was nice! However stupid Caroline decided to take a seat near the door. On the other side of the aisle I was greeted by this:

 Yeah, my new pals were unconscious after drinking a LOT of vodka. Hmmm. Not my drink of choice, but hey - if you can't beat em, join em!

Beer and a book. I'm happy! It was only a short hour's journey and it went by in a flash...except for the snoring!

It was good to get home though. Especially as I could unveil this!

Not the bauble, the picture! I ordered it from an old school friend of mine who took it at a VW show! Isn't it fab?! I can't wait to get it framed and up on the wall! It's going to fuel my fire for camper vans, I can feel it!

We had dinner and then chilled out some more. Not before I did some lunges for my #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge!

Turns out it's hard to take a picture of yourself doing lunges. It's not that bad, is it?!

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