Wednesday, 15 May 2013

11/05/2013 - Post Number 300!!

I made it to 300 blog posts! YAY! Although I should be well past that had my app not decided to quit on me last year, but hey - we've made it this far!

Anyway. It's Saturday. Already! Today we're getting a visit from the lovely Katie who is going to be the best woman at our wedding. Yes, we haven't got a best man. We have a best woman. There's a whole other story surrounding that, and one day we will look back and laugh but as conflicting schedules meant our original best man had to back out, we needed an alternative. Who knows Paul the best? Katie! I am so happy she agreed to do this and I think she's going to be wonderful!

Before Katie can stay, we need to finish sorting out the house so it's fit for visitors.

Everywhere was pretty much acceptable, but the spare room and the ensuite (makes it sound posh - it would have been the main bathroom until the previous owner put one in downstairs. It just so happens to be accessed through the spare room) needed more of a clean than I had been able to give it so far. Plus, with our two monsters, no sooner would the bathroom be clean than they mess it up again!

I love this pic of Barney! He's fascinated by the light-pull!

Once I had the bathroom clean I finished up on the spare room and gave the carpet the best vacuum it's ever had in it's life.

Henry has such a smug little face. He should. He did an amazing job!

Once Katie arrived, we caught up, discussed wedding stuff and had a few glasses of fizz! Paul made two curries, which were delish and then we watched Casino Royale. Because...why not?!

Clearly a really important scene. They had no idea I took this picture! Tee hee!

We were all pretty shattered to be honest. Those two polished off a couple of bottles of wine (I only had one glass because I'm an angel...hahaha!) and were falling asleep! So we all went to bed before midnight. God, we're getting old.

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge isn't necessarily the nicest thing to take a picture of: Sweat.

Of course, I'm a lady - I don't sweat. Here's a picture of me post-workout though. Complete with tomato-red face!

I'm so pretty. Check out the wild frizz!

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