Saturday, 18 May 2013

12/05/2013 - Day of rest...for cats

Didn't sleep too badly, to say we had a guest in the house. Usually I don't sleep well as I am worried if they are sleeping well/the cats are disturbing them. Luckily, Katie said she slept fine. Phew!

The joy of having guests are that we have to spoil them and give them a proper hearty breakfast. Paul makes a good brekkie!

Full English breakfast with potato cakes. It was as good as it looks. Unless you think it looks gross, in which case it tastes far better than in looks!

Katie left fairly early as she had a long drive ahead of her. We came back to bed. Or would have had there not been someone already in it...

Barn was sleeping in this pose. When he was dreaming he looked like he was running. Too cute! See how stressed he is?

Maia then joined him, after seeing how stressed he was and realising that she feels the same.

The paws. ARGH! They are just the cutest. Especially because they are all crossed!

Paul had to get up and go to the football as it was the last home game of the season and it's all about Sir Alex Ferguson retiring, which is a can't be missed event if you're a Manchester United fan. I had a hot date with a ridiculous pile of ironing.

Sure enough, 5 hours later...

All done. Doesn't look that much any more, but that white washing basket had about 3 baskets-worth inside!

When Paul got back we had a quick bite to eat (it was quite late) and headed to bed. Rock and roll.

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge isn't an easy one. They wanted me to take a pic of me motivating others. Yeah. I try to motivate but there isn't really photographic evidence of me doing so.

So I have taken a picture of the chart I made for us doing the #PlankADay challenge last month. That way we could congratulate ourselves for doing well, and realise that after it gets harder, it gets easier.

Paul had to drop out after week 3 as he hurt his back, but I carried on. I hope this pic counts as it did motivate us to do it every day.

Yeah, I did the easiest level. But still - planking for 75 seconds is HARD! I could never do 90!

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