Saturday, 18 May 2013

13/05/2013 - Crazy Weather

We were very naughty this morning and we didn't go to the gym. Bad Cagga and Paul. We made plans to go this evening. Stay tuned to see if we did go!

Got to work and had the usual Monday routine to go through. Mondays really do suck, don't they?

Anyway, had to pop to the shops at lunch time to grab a few bits and go to the post office. Glad I went when I did as once I was safely back in the office, this happened:

Those white bits? Hailstones. It hailed like it was never going to hail again. Those stones were HUGE! I tried to take pics and the best I could get was

It's not a great picture, but we're used to itty bitty hail here in Liverpool. The above was a small version of what fell from the sky! I bet a few people were injured by those bad boys!

Luckily the hail stopped when I left work. It was time to go to the gym and yes! We went! Aren't you impressed! I had no desire to go but we did! Paul did a circuit class and I wished I had done it too as the gym was PACKED. With kids. Seriously full. I have never seen the gym that busy before and I was annoyed that there were so many children! Skinny little kids talking about how many calories they had burnt off. Yeah, because at that age that's what's important. Grr. I had an hour to kill in the gym and boy was it tough. I'm not used to having such a long time there. I made it though. I might try the circuit training next week. The people leaving didn't look like they were about to pass out through exhaustion.

I had a few deliveries today in work. As usual I tortured my colleagues by not opening them in the office. I saved them for when we got home. One was some low-price perfume that I ordered after realising I had very little scent left. I've had them before. They're ok. I think. I can't smell so I don't really care! Paul doesn't mind them so they can't be all bad.

The second delivery was my hair accessory for the wedding! I ordered it on Ebay last week and it arrived earlier than expected! So happy! It's very pretty! Not going to show the whole thing (as the pic doesn't do it justice) but this is part of it.

It should look lovely with my dress. Fingers crossed!

While I was swooning over my new pretty, Paul made us dinner of pulled pork and veg. It was fairly nice. Not unhealthy. The glass of rose I had with it however is the naughty part.

Doesn't look that appealing here but I assure you it was delish.

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge pic is of me and a friend drinking water.


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