Saturday, 18 May 2013

15/05/2013 - How the heck is it mid-May already?!

Ah Wednesday. I think it may be my favourite day of the week? Why? Many reasons. The first being that the gym doesn't open until 9.30am so I can't go before work even if I wanted to! YAY FOR AN EXTRA HOUR IN BED! :D

So yeah, no work out today. I think we deserved a rest.

Sadly no rest from work so in I went. It was a looooooong day in the office today. I think the clock was going backwards at one point!

I did some random internet searches during my boredom and I learnt some fun little wedding tidbits. My favourite is that if you can get a cat to eat out of your shoe in the week before the wedding, your marriage will be blessed.

It makes no sense but I'll certainly give it a go! After all, my cats are mentalists.

Anyway, after work Mr Chris came round and we had a beer, a giggle and watched some Firefly. An enjoyable evening. Except that my stomach decided it didn't like me and wanted to cause me muchios pain. I think I hid it well but after Chris left I went straight to bed with a hot water bottle.

This bottle is OLD! But it's still water tight and therefore why get rid?!

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge pic is for me to take a picture of my motivation. Well duh. If you don't know what my motivation is yet, you clearly haven't been reading my blog thoroughly.

We're getting married in September.

While I am by no means fat (apart from on my fat days, because...well, it wouldn't be a fat day otherwise) I would like to tone up so I look super good in my wedding pictures. I think that's fair?

So while my motivation pictures isn't a pic of me in THE wedding dress I will be wearing (as Paul does read my blog - hi honey!) it's a picture of me in one that didn't make the grade.

This dress was probably the second favourite of the ones that I tried on. Plus it was a UK size 10. And as wedding dresses over here are on the small side, me fitting in a size 10 wedding dress is something to make you sing and dance around!

While I'm pleased that I fit it, I want to tone my upper body as it's what will be on show - the joy of long wedding dresses are that they hide everything else and pull everything in! Some arm definition is what's important. Or just that my photographer has excellent photoshop skillz!

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