Saturday, 18 May 2013

17/05/2013 - Fun day Friday!

Yes we got up early and yes we went to the gym. Again. Are you bored of hearing that yet?! I'm not bored of telling you! I'm proud of us going 4 times this week and I hope we can do it again next week! :)

Colleague J was off again so it was just us merry few. Sadly J being off meant that no one had collected the post from the Post Office, so muggins here was tasked that job. Which meant I got an extra 4 mile walk in my daily exercise. Yay.

Sadly for me as I was walking towards the main road I was greeted with the sight of a dead cat in the garden-y bit. With the same colourings as Maia. This upset me so much. Poor little thing. It was little too. I send my love to it's owners, whoever they are. It also makes me glad I made the decision to keep my two indoors. There are too many maniac drivers on the main roads around here. I have lost a cat once, I don't wish to do it again.

Poor little thing.

Anyway, after a dull afternoon in work, I met up with Paul and headed into town to do some shopping. On today's list - wedding shoes and mini-bridesmaid dresses.

As we walked down the main shopping street we were greeted by these:

I have no idea. But it's all good fun!

Anyway, we were just getting an idea of dresses for S, our mini-maid. To me, she's too old to be a flower girl so mini-maid she is! Dresses for little girls are just too cute!

So pretty!

Really cute!

We have a few ideas now, which is good. I need to send the suggestions to S's Mum and let her take S to try them on and she can have whichever she likes best. She'll look gorgeous in whatever she wears so I'm not too fussy!

We also came across something amazing for me and a definite for the wedding list.

This is my wine glass. It might just about hold enough for me...

We also went to check out a pair of shoes I'd seen online at Kurt Geiger as a possibility for my wedding shoes. The problem with Kurt Geiger shoes is that they have a tendency to be ridiculously high. I couldn't find them in the Kurt Geiger shop, however they appeared in Debenhams. On sale. For half price.

Well. That pretty much sold them to me! They're high, but not scary high. If they get uncomfortable, I can now justify buying a nice pair of flats to wear in the evening - perhaps some TOMS or something.

Want to see? Ok!

Cute, huh? They have a gold glittery sole as well! I just need to wear them in and scuff the base a little as they are a little slippy. Anyone got any tips so that I don't go flying down the aisle?!

After finding that bargain and being all window-shopped out, I treated Paul to a bevvy.

We then went home, ate Gumbo and watched Black Swan on BluRay. It was really good. Not at all what I imagined it to be! Natalie Portman is just too pretty. Urgh.

I then passed out. Literally. Still wearing my new sparkly shoes and everything. Oops.

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge pic - Climbing stairs. EASY!

 Here's me walking up my stairs, only to be halted by a giant stair-dwelling miniature panther! He would not let me pass. Big meanie.

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