Saturday, 25 May 2013

21/05/2013 - Foldemort

I really couldn't think of a title. Soz. It's witty - when you see today's pics!

We had a little malfunction this morning. We might have kind of sort of slept through the alarm. So only waking up at 6.30 to realise it's too late to go to the gym. OOPS. There were no interesting classes to go to after work either (there was zumba, but Paul didn't want to do it) so looks as though we're having an unscheduled day off exercise!

Work was same old same old. However the joys of having a shared drop box with Paul is that I can see anything he takes a picture of in real time, as I get a notification in the bottom corner of my computer screen.

Today I got these:

I think Paul's a bit jealous of my origami skillz and so decided to try something of his own. Can you guess what animals they are supposed to be?!

I came home after work to discover that I had a delivery awaiting me! Another wedding one! This one I might share with you!

Place cards! They will look a little bit more exciting come the day. I purposefully ordered plain and uninteresting ones to inspire me to spice them up a bit for the day.

It's all getting a bit real now!

We watched some TV and I folded a load more cranes then went to bed like the rock n roll couple we are. I know you're all jealous of our lives!

Anyway. Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge. My fitness role model

I don't really have one to be honest! There are people I admire but I don't think that counts as a role model. I admire folk who push themselves hard and work hard to get what they want and achieve it. A girl I went to school with is now a personal trainer. She was always into dance etc but after having two kids has, in her own words, now got the body she always wanted.

Follow her on twitter here! She's lovely!

I guess if you want a picture of something that I strive for - you all know what my fitness motivation is: I want to tone up and look good in my wedding dress. Who is toned and looked good in a wedding dress recently? Jessica Ennis. Olympic Gold medallist at last year's Olympic games in the Heptathlon. She seems lovely. So here's a pic of her on her wedding day.

Image from OK magazine

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