Saturday, 25 May 2013

23/05/2013 - Messy

Thursday. We got up and went to the gym! Like we were meant to! Go us! Cross trained for a while and then hammered the upper body ergometer. Or the 'arm bike' as I like to call it! Reckon I was making some rather iffy noises but sod it! I was working hard!

You don't need me to mention how my day was in work! It's always the same! I did pop home at lunch to break up the day a little. It didn't really. The day was still long.

This is the view at my desk. Although imagine colleague T in the chair. Not that you know what colleague T look like. Hmmm. She actually does look a bit like Demi Moore. Just with shorter hair and less surgery! And a posh St Helens accent! ;)

 After work I came home and we set to work on our wedding invitations. I will reveal them to you (maybe) after we have actually sent them out, but there is some ink-work involved. It's a messy job. Which has left me with black fingers.


As it turns out, Paul is much better at the ink-work than me, so I got him to do it. Instead, I sorted my friend Koran's birthday present.

It was her birthday on the 14th April, but as I haven't seen her, it's taken me a while to sort this. I made arrangements for her to come for dinner on Sunday so figured I should probably sort it out before she arrives!

Like it?! I bought it at a website called 'Not On The High Street'. I love that site! I buy loads from there!

After lots of hard work we went to bed, so we could have a good night's sleep before the gym tomorrow morning.

Today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge is of  a healthy dinner. I've already shown you salad and blah so here's something a bit different!

This is steak (can't remember if it was beef or venison) on a bed of asparagus and green beans and mashed root vegetables.

Nowt moist on this. Just a lovely and healthy dinner.

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