Saturday, 25 May 2013

25/05/2013 - No pain, no gain. REALLY?!

It's Saturday night and I'm writing a blog post about the day that it actually is! This never happens! I'm up to date!!

I think it's because the only thing on the telly (meaning that I have lost custody of the remote control) is the Champions League Final which has just finished. I won't spoiler.


For a crazy random change, I'm going to start with today's #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge picture. Mostly because it started my day!

Today's picture is "at a Park Run or about to do 5km". So, even though I really didn't want to, we went to Park Run!

I have mentioned it before (although last year and I can't even remember that far back, but as it's a 'label' on here I must have mentioned it!) but basically it's a free weekly timed 5km!

We don't go as often as we should. But, as I said, even though I really didn't want to go, we went!

It has been a gorgeous day in Liverpool so it wasn't a bad morning to go for a run. 

I managed to jog/run the whole 5km. This is a big achievement for me. I've never done that before. If you go back to my entry on the 8th May 2013, you'll see that one of my goals for 2013 was to be able to run a 5km without stopping. Yup. Big tick against that one. I'll never be able to 'run' 5km, so maybe I phrased it wrong. But I didn't need to walk at any point. Whenever I found myself getting out of breath, I just slowed down. So I was probably jogging at walking pace, but hey, I didn't walk! 

As of now - 2157 hours, I haven't received my result. Even though it's been over 12 hours since I finished. I guess I'll try to remember to let you know in tomorrow's post. IF I EVER FIND OUT.

Anyway. I might be regretting the run now. My hip hurts. Not in a good way. In a not-being-able-to-put-weight-on-my-right-leg way. I hope that goes away because I don't want to have to take an exercise break. I am going to rest for the next few days and hope it gets better. I think I run with my foot turned out, as when it's in that position, it doesn't hurt. When I turn it straight it does. So I guess I need to teach myself to run again. GREAT.

I can't take anti-inflammatory tablets due to my asthma. No ibruprofen or asprin for me. No voltarol or diclophenac. No deep heat. I have to suffer medicine free. So I decided to put an ice pack on it. Except we didn't have any ice. All we had was a frozen wine cooler. THAT'LL DO!

Pretty sure my parents gave me this. It's the best ice pack ever! Although it thawed pretty quick so it's back in the freezer.

So, next choice in medicine?

 This wine was a gift from Paul's Mum. It's REALLY nice. I'm currently drinking it slowly to make it last as long as possible!

Oh yeah - Paul's parents' came over this afternoon! We debuted our wedding invitations to Paul's mum. I don't think she liked them. Not a good start.

Anyway, it's just after 10pm now. I'm shattered and in pain. Think I'll finish my wine and go to bed soon.

OH, one more thing: Happy Towel day, everyone!

If you have to it. If you still don't get it...join the library! :)

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