Wednesday, 1 May 2013

29/04/2013 - The Big 3-0!

Yup, as the title suggests, it's my birthday and today I hit the next decade of my life. Thirty. Three-Oh.

I'm not going to repeat myself, so if you want to read last year's post, it's here.

Anyway, it wasn't a day full of craziness and excitement. In fact it was pretty much the same old same old when it came to work. Yes, I went to work on my birthday. It's not ideal but hey - got to be done, right?

Anyway, I knew I had some gifties for when I got home, so may as well give myself something to look forward to!

My colleague T gave me a bottle of prosecco and a card which was nice of her. Everyone else...forgot. Yup, not even a happy birthday from any of them. Typical boys. My boss remembered and wished me happy birthday. Didn't get me anything, like. Nothing new there then.

The reason I went into work was because the Administration Manager for the whole network of branches came to visit and spend half a day with us. Could have done without it but in all fairness, I hardly saw her!

I called my Mum while walking home (yes I did only see her yesterday and no, we had nothing to talk about), and when I got home I was greeted by Paul who was cooking me a surprise birthday dinner! I avoided looking at what he was cooking (which was really difficult) and was handed a bottle of yummy prosecco! Yes, colleague T may have only worked with me for 4 weeks but it seems she already knows me well! Or maybe she reads this blog, so hi, T!

I was still on the phone to Mother when I decided to open my gifties! :)

I won't go into detail as to what everything is, as that will be dull for you. I'm sure you found that quite boring last year, but I had a nice little haul.

 Mum picked out this bracelet as something special for me on my 30th. It's very pretty! Well done, Mum!

My brother can't just call me Caroline. Oh no, it's got to be...whatever that is above. He usually just calls me Whiney. Hence the URL for this blog! It's all down to him really!

Time for dinner! My mystery dinner was a beef and apple tagine!

It might not look that delicious from this picture, but believe me, it was! Moroccan spices were a go go with some crusty bread. MMM!

Then I got my best present!

IT'S A MINIATURE PANTHER! I ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THOSE! :) Cats and bags...go together like...stuff that goes together all the time.

We decided to be very cultured and watch 'The Tempest' which was released a couple of years ago, starring Helen Mirren. It was very good. I think Paul might have been a bit lost but as I have both studied and acted in the play, I know it backwards!

I'm sure the above helped. Red wine and candlelight are a sure-fire way of making Shakespeare make sense! Right?! Trust me, I have a degree in this sort of thing!

Then time for cake!

Happy birthday to me! :) Hello chocolatey goodness! I blew the candles out and made my second wish in as many days. I do hope it comes true. It's a good one.

Then we settled down to finish off the prosecco and watch Game of Thrones. Maia came to join me, because she wanted to give me a birthday cuddle. I think that's why she came, anyway!

So there you go. Crazy rock n roll 30th birthday! It's a good thing. We have so much going on at the minute with all this wedding planning malarkey that another me-celebration just isn't necessary. Especially after coming home from Sue's wedding! I'm exhausted! I just can't hack the pace any more!

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