Wednesday, 1 May 2013

30/04/2013- TV Tuesday

It really is hard to think of titles. I might stop doing this unless I'm feeling witty. Or creative. Or am drunk...


I got into work to find a silver gift bag on my desk. Containing a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. Hmmm.

I went to the photocopier and came back to find that the one bottle had now become two! Either this bag is magic (in which case I'm keeping it forever!) or both my other colleagues A and J remembered that it was my birthday yesterday and decided to leave me a belated present. Nothing was mentioned. I'd like to think it was a magic bag but I'm probably wrong. I am sad about that.

Still, it's the thought that counts! :)

I just about made it through the rest of the day at work without falling asleep. Which is a momentous achievement, and then came home to leftovers of yesterday's tagine and crusty bread! DELISH!

We proceeded to watch How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Hawaii Five-0 and Community. Good evening had by all. Except this.

Barney has a small scratch above his eye. Probably from fighting Maia. Little git. Will keep an eye on it but it's not the first time that this has happened so he'll probably be fine. Won't learn his lesson but ah well.

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