Sunday, 30 June 2013

30/06/2013 - Special Sunday

I woke up at stupid o'clock with a headache. An actual headache. I haven't had one of those in ages that wasn't a migraine. So easily fixed with paracetamol at 5am! :)

Today we had to head over to Blackburn for my cousin's baby's Christening! A family occasion again!

But first we had to sort some stuff out before our holiday. Although Barney had other ideas.

He would not let us have this bag. I had to eject him from the bag and he was not impressed. I got another bag

 Perfect Barney sized bag! Shame it's my gym bag and he can't live in it, but it was perfect for him.

From there onto Blackburn for Emily's Christening!

She was rather...vocal...all through the ceremony. Which was the church I haven't been in a very long time, for sad reasons. It was also the church that my parents got married in. Which is nice!

 Here's the special little lady! Isn't she gorgeous?! Those cheeks!

The 'do' afterwards was held at a pub round the corner from the church, and also round the corner from where my maternal grandmother lived and down the road from where I used to walk the dogs as a child. It was really weird going back there. If it was weird for me, it's weird for Mum even more, so I manned up and got on with it.

The joy of the party was that we got to entertain the gorgeous Jacob, Emily's big brother. He's just adorable! He's fascinated by 'magic'...and by magic, I mean the vague attempt my uncle and father have been practising for us kids for years!

"Look at Adam, isn't he pretty!" *hides the 20p*

He was fascinated! It's so cute to watch him! I just love him, he's so lovely!

 "Which hand is it in?!"


So lots of family stuff and catch up of 2 weeks of news, we headed back home via Manchester to see Paul's folks before coming back to the kitties.

Last night there was a pretty fierce shouting match nearby. We didn't know where it was coming from but it got so bad Paul went outside to see if he could see what was going on. Turns out, it was 2 doors down.

This is what we noticed when we came home today.

That front step is trashed. They only re-cemented it yesterday. And I thought the paw prints that had been put there were going to be a problem!

OH YEAH - my Dad gave me gifts earlier as well!

Remember the photograph I put in Friday's blog? My awesome Dad went and got Lego Gandalf for me! :D

I haven't played Lego for ages! So my post-Christening fun was long awaited!

Kinda awesome, right?!


I love Lego Gandalf!

I had a mad desire to watch The OC for some reason, so we sat in front of the television for the rest of the evening, watching tv. It was a good evening. Restful.

29/06/2013 - Window Shopping

Saturday. Previous has been the morning of the lie in. Not today. First thing's first, we needed to get to the vet so the kitties could have their booster jabs.

Maia was up first, and she was very well behaved. The vet gave her a clean bill of health, and advised that she needed some assistance with grooming herself as she's not to good at it. I think I can manage that.

Barney was next. He did NOT want to come out of his box. We had to basically tip him out! He need not have worried. He also got a clean bill of health! The vet loved him! So yay for the babies! All good for another year!

We came home and had breakfast, then headed into town to do some shopping and also compile our wedding gift list!

This random bee thing was in the middle of Liverpool One shopping centre. No idea why.

After shopping for some bits and bobs, we headed to John Lewis to go get make a ridiculous list. We got there and they handed us our scanner and also a voucher for free tea and cake! AWESOME!

 Tea, scanner and bakewell tart. It was sweet.

Paul got a caramel tiramisu. Paul loves Tiramisu. If it's on offer, he will order it. It was ok "good! Not amazing, but good!" - Amendment by Paul 30/06/2013

This teapot is crap. Don't buy it. It spills tea everywhere!

So once we were fed and watered we started on the ground floor and worked our way to the top.

We put a nice wide selection of household goods on there, plus a lifetime's worth of cushions. We're not actually expecting people to buy us stuff off there really, as John Lewis is expensive, but at least the option is there.

We did have some fun too!

There were lots of chalk products. There might have been a few words written on them...

We headed for a beer and then tried to find somewhere to eat. There was at least an hour's wait pretty much everywhere. Yeah. We're not up for that. So we got some chilli burgers from Tesco and headed home.

So much cheaper than eating out!

The burgers were good! We watched the newest Defiance and Continuum and I started falling asleep on the sofa again. Which is nice.

A successful day. We haven't actually looked at everything we've scanned yet. I'm a bit scared to, knowing the price tags that are so common in John Lewis.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

28/06/2013 - Long Day

We got up and went to the gym. Again. I hope you're all inspired by our dedication. I hope it lasts a long time.

Then into work I go. Busy busy day, but I got through it.

My boss collects newspapers like they are going out of fashion. This one caught my eye.

FREE LEGO GANDALF?!?! WANT! It's still not enough justification to buy the Daily Mail but still...I WANT LEGO GANDALF!!!!


After work we chilled. Paul played on Gran Turismo a little, including racing camper vans, which is ace, and I read stuff on the internet. And was kept company by my little spiderman!

I love this little chap! Doesn't he look like he's smiling?!

We put The Avengers on bluray and I fell asleep during the epic battle at the end. It's been a long week!

I think I slept as soundly as smiling spidercat above!

27/06/2013 - I need a slap

I got up and went to the gym. I had had about 3 hours sleep, it didn't feel like what I wanted to be doing. We did it though. I ran and did the arm bike, then the leg challenge (squats and walking lunges) which was even more tiring. My hip didn't hurt though. Which is a positive.

Then, to work. I talked through my day with colleague T. She was so lovely. I really do need a slap to snap out of my funk. To me, I'm justified, but I know that other people don't think the same.

Anyway, made it through work. Then came home where we had dinner and watched all new Franklin and Bash. That Zack Morris has come a long way!

We also had a little cheeky glass of vino as well, as I needed cheering up. Yes - still.

The back of this bottle was interesting. Don't you think?

From there, I headed upstairs to start sorting through some clothes in the spare room wardrobe. In the wardrobe I found the entrance to Narnia and Aslan cames to visit!

Sorry - my bad. It's Maia. But seriously, as soon as I removed enough clothes for there to be some space, she was in there like a shot!

I did this for a few hours and then spoke to Paul about my gym workouts. I feel like I should do more and so Paul's going to teach me!

Look out Arnie - here comes Carrie! :)

26/06/2013 - Wedding dress Wednesday

Nice morning off the gym today! It's a good thing! I need a break!

Today I only did a half-day in the office as I have pressing matters in town with need attending to.

Today is the day of my first wedding dress fitting! The day when I get to find out whether all my hard work has been worth it.


I got to put the dress shop and it was very quiet. They got my dress out and asked me to put on a hooped underskirt.

Um. What?! I hadn't had to wear one of those before.

Apparently my dress is supposed to have one. I put it on and they helped me into my dress.

I won't be wearing the hoops on my wedding day. It looked...wrong.

The dress itself fit like a glove. Which made me sad. I wanted it to be too big! All these hours in the gym and it FITS?! Urgh.

With a few pins here and there, and the scissors to the bottom of the dress, I got to walk around all fancy.

There are a few little 'issues' I have with my dress. I'm not going to list them here. I got quite upset about one of them and I am still trying to deal with it, but it's not information that I feel able to share with you all, as I cannot provide evidence as to why.

I'll get over it. Until I do, I'm not going to think about it for a little while, if that's ok. My next fitting isn't for another couple of months, so I have plenty of time to get over myself.

Trying on the dress did have it's uses though. I got to pick my veil, which is pretty, and put that on order. I also got to try on my jewellery with the dress. I have a borrowed item from my Mum which belonged to her Mum, given to her by my Mum's brother who passed away before I was born.

I'm not going to reveal. Sorry. But here's the box!

It's from Southport! We're getting married in Southport! It was meant to be!

I was on a bit of a downer, so didn't get everything done it town that I had wanted to get done. I got home and carried on being a grump. Paul was wonderful.

Chris came round for usual #Whedonsday fun. To be honest, I don't really remember much about it. I was in so much of a funk. Sorry Chris, for being bad company.

We ate Italian Shepherd's Pie for dinner and Sicilian Lemon cheesecake for pudding. Still no smiles from me.

Today should have been an exciting day. It should have been one full of smiles and joy. Instead, I am incredibly miserable.

Oh, I forgot to say above - the dress fit like a glove because it was the wrong size. I ordered one size, they ordered the same size and I got the size smaller. Seriously. So I guess I should rejoice in that I have clearly lost a dress size, and wedding dresses are notoriously smaller than other dresses, so yay me?! I just wish I had had the feeling of being smaller. I know it's saved me money on alterations, but it would have been nice to have seen the fruits of my labour. I only discovered that the dress was smaller after I had taken it off and saw the label. So I was probably in a negative frame of mind during the whole appointment as I thought I hadn't lost anything.

Sorry. This isn't a happy post. Brides to be, if you want my advice, send me a message. I have some words of wisdom that I am not going to post here in public. I don't want my full feelings on today to be remembered in this blog. I want to forget about it to be honest, so in a few years time I will recall everything being a-ok!

I had a lovely cuddle with Maia though, which was nice.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

25/06/2013 - Fancy Feet

I am officially a glutton for punishment. We got up and went to the gym. Again. 3rd time in 2 days. Absolutely insane.

Decided to do something a little special today in work. Today I am going to start wearing in my wedding shoes! They're quite high and new so need a bit of manipulation. So thick socks needed to be wearing at the same time!

Sexy, huh?!

The shoes aren't that uncomfortable. They're just not quite the right...look...for the office.

 They look really gold here. They're more champagne-y in real life!

I managed to wear them all day! I didn't fall over once! They didn't hurt either! Maybe a little pinching around the toes, but I think that'll pass once I've worn them in a little!

No gym after work. I'm not that crazy!

Oh, news - my blister went today! Now I'm just left with a burn halo!

It feels weird.

While dinner was cooking, we decided to watch some more Alias as tv is rubbish once again.

Then it was dinner time!

For any of you who don't know what I have to put up with at dinner time, I can't eat chicken undisturbed...

You can tell her "no" all you like, and she might jump down for a while, but sure enough, she'll jump back up again and shove her head in your plate!

So very naughty. It's a good job she's pretty!

Then...well...I'm sure you can guess. If you guessed peppermint tea then bed, you're right!

Fingers crossed we win the £157 million Euromillion jackpot tonight, everyone!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

24/06/2013 - Maniac

The alarm went off at the usual silly o'clock for the gym. Neither of us wanted to get up and go to the gym but we did. I was glad we went later on...but not at the time!

As I was getting ready for work, I had put the bag that had contained Scarlett's bridesmaid dress on the bed.

I think you all know what happened next...

Yep. There's a cat in the bag. What else?!

She was purring away, so happy! It's like it was made for her!

Someone wasn't happy about it...

So work was the same old same old. Nothing new. Just a usual long day. It was about to get longer.

After work, instead of going to a nice free cinema preview showing of 'The Internship' and sitting on my backside all evening, we went to the Circuit Training class at the gym. The one I went to a few weeks ago.

It was difficult. Not aided by super fit 'Bitch Long Legs' overtaking me at any opportunity and not even breaking a sweat. I hate her. Except her taste in jackets. The one she was wearing this evening had an amazing lining with cats on. Hmph.

We came home, ate chicken and salad and watched True Blood. From there I felt pretty gross. So it was time for me to have a bath.

No-one needs to see that. Instead there was someone else pretty fascinated by the whole thing.

 I think he likes the bubbles.

He didn't go in. Instead he sat on the above corner and watched me! I think he enjoyed listening to the Stephen Fry autobiograpy audiobook that I'm still ploughing through. I'm about half way. It's good!

From there, peppermint tea and bed. Another wacky and zany day for me, huh?

23/06/2013 - Ruthless is my middle name!

Another day that we could use to get loads of stuff done...


After two crazy busy weekends, and many more to come over the next few months, we needed to be lazy, so we carried that on to today! :)

We decided to put Alias on the tv and laze around. It was WONDERFUL! Well...Alias season 4 isn't that good, but it was better than last night's tv choice, so on it went!

To break up the being lazy part of the day, we ventured into the loft to get a few bits down that we're going to need in the next couple of weeks. Suit cases. We're going away! :) Probably won't blog about it until we get back so all you burglar folk won't come and break into my house and take the very little that I own! We have no money to replace it!

As well as getting the battered suitcases down, I also grabbed a few bags of clothes that we had put up there as they were still decent quality but too small for us. As we've both experienced some weight loss recently, there might be some hidden treasures, waiting for our holiday!

Yeah. There were a couple of bits for Paul, including some brand new shirts that he hadn't worn as they were too tight. Perfect! For me...not so much. I got rid of A LOT. Even if it did up but wasn't comfortable (with the exception of one pair of trousers and one skirt) it went. I doubt I'll lose much else so why clutter the place up with old clothes!

This is the pile of clothes to go. It's nearly the same height behind the front pile as well!

The local charity shops are getting a good haul from us this week!

From there...back to lazing around. It was a pretty good day, to be honest.

We also made the decision not to have some wine tonight. Well...we both wanted a glass or two (we've had a case delivered as our online account had money in it which was just sitting there...may as well use it while we're poor) but both knew that it would be bad if we're planning on getting up and going to the gym tomorrow morning.

To help us make decisions, we use a wonderful app which rolls dice for you! We would flip a coin but then you can only have 2 outcomes, and some situations require more than one. Not this one. Evens = drink, odds = not drink. It was a 5.

We watched a little more Alias then headed to bed, ready for the week ahead.

Yup. We really are boring. Even the cats were so bored they slept all weekend.

22/06/2013 - Slow day

Don't you love weekends that seem to last for aaaaages?! Me too! Except I can't remember the last time that happened!

I woke up to see Paul's smiling face looking across at me. While this might sound slightly creepy, it's been a while since he's looked so happy, for various reasons, so we shall leave it be.

This morning we figured we deserved a lie in, so that's what we did! A couple of cups of tea and a relax, with a magazine or two. Perfect.

We forced ourselves out of bed, mostly because of the lack of breakfast materials in the house, and gosh darn it, we were getting hungry!

We also had to collect a delivery from Boots, which I won't bore you with, but we got breakfast materials and all was well with the world again. PHEW!

Once we got back I had one of my least favourite tasks in the world to do. Ironing. I have put it off for far too long. It had to be done.

Lucky for me, there was a marathon of "4 Weddings" on one of the random cable channels, so I enjoyed that whilst ironing, marvelling in how laid back and non-competitive I am when it comes to the wedding!

That's not a finished job, by the way. I'm not quite that bad at ironing. Not far off, but not quite!

After the ironing was done, I could sit back and relax to watch some television. Except that there was literally nothing decent on television.

So we ended up watching 80s sit com 'Allo 'Allo. To those of you who have never seen this might have been funny back in the day. I was only young, so the fact that they talk a lot about a painting called 'The Fallen Madonna (With the Big Boobies) would make any child snigger!

It's based on the British view of a French stereotype, and as an makes me cringe.

It always used to be on on a Saturday night, so I guess it was only correct that we watch it. Probably not again...unless we get so desperate next Saturday night!

Thank goodness Man Vs Food came on later! :)

So there you have it. A rather uneventful day!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

21/06/2013 - A Comedy of Errors

Yes - the second Shakesperian post title in a week. Madness, I know! An accurate representation of the day, though!

We got up nice and early for the gym. Barney woke me up in plenty of time so I didn't need the alarm. Which is a shame really. I had a good sleep though.

We both went to the gym and both did weights. Paul might hurt slightly more than me tomorrow though. He's far more adventurous than me when it comes to lifting weights.

We got ready for work in a hurry as Paul had to go to London so I went to work early so I could walk with him to the station.

That's when it all went down hill. For most of the day.

I got to work and had a nice chat with colleague A, then as I was making a drink for everyone (not thinking that it was half an hour or more before they'd get into the office) I decided that I would have porridge for breakfast. I had porridge sachets, which measure everything for you, and made my portion accordingly. I put the oats and the milk into the bowl and in turn placed that in the microwave for the prescribed length of time.

I made drinks and placed them on the desks and went back when the microwave went ping.

I did not like what I saw.

My porridge was all over the base of the microwave, the wheel not being straightened after the last time it was used.

One was not amused.

My only other breakfast option as a meal replacement milkshake. I prepared the same and put it in the fridge for later.

I got on with some work only to learn that there was a problem with Paul's train. Apparently someone was sadly hit by a train. Somewhere between Rugeley Trent Valley and Lichfield Trent Valley. Which is where I am from. The delayed Paul for an hour. I am NOT AMUSED. I feel that it is my bad porridge karma that has caused this.

I was a jittery mess after this.

Which isn't good when you come to drink your milk shake. Your chocolate milkshake and spill it down your white top. Yeah. I did that.

Yup. What a mess! This was taken after I came home at lunch time to get changed as I was so frightfully embarrassed about my sloppiness! My Dad always said I could spill for England. I'm finally coming to the conclusion that he was right. After 30 years, I agree that I am a spiller!

So I came home and got changed. I also picked up some gift vouchers I had been given at Christmas, as I was heading into town after work and figured I could get some stuff on other people.

Meanwhile, Paul made it to London and had a pretty good trip! It was very productive. Except the rain.

 We were having gorgeous sunshine and it was pouring down in the south! Excellent! I like it when that happens! Not so grim up north right now! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

The rest of the day went without incident, and I went to town after work. I was shopping for under-garments for my wedding dress (for my fitting on Wednesday - you need to have this stuff apparently) and window shopping for prospective holiday clothes and an outfit for a Christening next weekend. We also have pre-wedding pictures to find an outfit for. This is hard work!

I managed to find my wedding undies. There was a 20% sale on at the same time. I had more than I thought on a gift card. They cost me NOTHING. I am a gift card down. This is good news! :)

After wandering around and getting sore feet, I decided to walk up to Lime Street Station and meet Paul off the train.

This is the view form the front of Liverpool Lime Street Station. There is a giant digital billboard. It's very bright. It's a shame they don't put tv on there! I'd never leave!

These statues of Ken Dodd and Bessie Bradock grace the station floor itself. I chose to stand behind Bessie to meet Paul.

We came home and decided to treat ourselves to a glass of wine. This was a very dry Semillion. I don't think it went well with the pizza that it accompanied. Although the pizza was nice.

Yep - we were really naughty. We had pizza. But it had been a long day and we were both hungry. What else can you do?! I'll just have to breathe in before my dress fitting on Wednesday!

Oh YEAH! While I was in town, I also went looking for a bridesmaid dress for our second-youngest bridesmaid Scarlett. She's 6.

I had sent some suggestions to her Mum, and she said that Scarlett liked one, but they were out of stock online. Well, in the shop in town they had one. So I called Scalett's Mum and suggested I buy it. She agreed, so another purchase was made.

How adorable is this dress?! I hope it looks as good on her as I think it will! :) She'll be a little princess!

We watched some Defiance and Revolution, and were both beat. We managed until 10:30pm, but that's it. Bed time.

20/06/2013 - Yaaawwwwwnnning

Yup - last night was late.

The alarm went off at 5.40am for us to wake up to prepare for the gym. I promptly switched it off. Because we REALLY did not want to go to the gym.

Actually, it was me. I didn't. Paul...slept through the alarm had has no memory of it going of until 6.30am. He wasn't sad about it, though. He needed the sleep, as did I.

I had a banging headache though. I blame the popcorn from last night.

I took strong pain killers, had a cup of tea and headed for work.

Today was a very long day. Colleague T was tired and a little hungover after the funeral yesterday, which is understandable. I was just tired and uncooperative!

After work I met up with Paul. He wasn't quite the same as I left him earlier that day...

Paul had a hair cut. His mullet has gone! 

He's so handsome!

We had some dinner, watched tv and again had another early night. Gosh, we really are boring. We were both knackered from last night, so we have a valid excuse, right? RIGHT?!

19/06/2013 - Hey Nonny Nonny!

It's Wednesday! Which means it's a morning off the gym! An extra 50 minutes before the alarm goes off! PARTY!

Colleague T was at a second funeral in a week today (poor lady) so I had my office to myself. I got quite a bit done.

At lunch I took a stroll into the 'Swan to go to the shops and finish posting our invitations (yes, we're still going with those!) including one to Spain. It cost a lot less then I though to post our invitation to Spain, which is an extra bonus! I hope it arrives perfectly safe, as intended. EEK!

After work, I headed home to wait for Chris to arrive to get a #Whedonsday extravaganza a goin'

After a couple of eps of Dollhouse, which were very entertaining and excellent, accompanied by a couple of beers and some amazing sausage casserole, we headed into town to the only cinema in the local area showing a film I have been excited about for over 18 months, Much Ado About Nothing, as directed by Joss Whedon. Well, it is Whedonsday!

It's also Wednesday, which means we got our tickets on Orange Wednesday, so it cost £3.75 each to see it! WHOOP!

My view of the cinema screen. Two big heads. Not as big heads as the guys sitting next to me, though. They were clearly Shakespeare fans, as opposed to Whedon fans. They kept referring to Buffy ye Vampyre Slayeth, and chortling to themselves. Hmph.

Yes, I kept my phone on longer than is usually acceptable to take the above picture. I am not ashamed.

Verdict - I loved it! I am a fan of Whedon. I am a fan of Shakespeare. This movie was meant for me! You understood what was going on, even if you didn't know the story (I checked with people who didn't know the story) and it had faces of people who we love. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it.

We didn't get home until after eleven. That's late for us! Sleep needed. Hopefully the sugar rush won't keep us awake too long!

DOGBERRY: "But, masters, remember that I am an ass; though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass."

Nathan Fillion nailed it.

18/06/2013 - This wedding is as much work!

After the craziness of yesterday and the handing out of invitations, I thought that today would be far more relaxed!

We headed to the gym, even though we really didn't want to, and we were proud of ourselves for doing do! I cross trained, then arm biked, then regular biked. It was tough. I got jelly legs. Still - it's all good, right?

After gym I went to work and gave colleague T her invitation. She was very gushing about it, but only when Big Boss T wasn't there!

The day went sloooow. But at least it was uneventful.

When I came home I got to read through today's post. We had our first RSVP through the post! Sadly, it wasn't a positive outcome.

Abby can't make it. Which is a shame. But still. At least she wasn't happy about declining!

We also got a reminder about something that we need to do soon!

We have a gift list to make! John Lewis, where we are setting up our list doesn't like you setting up your list until 8 weeks before the wedding. I think they forget that people need to get invitations out! I know it's to avoid things being discontinued etc but still - 8 weeks is a bit too short notice! We're going to do ours at 10 weeks, even though our invitations have already gone out and our website is live! I hope people check back to the website to find it!

Speaking of our website, we've had a few visitors!

Excellent stuff!

A fairly early night is needed tonight. Tomorrow could potentially could be quite a late nice! So after dinner and a bit of tv we headed to bed to read a little and sleep some more.

This was waiting for us. Isn't she just gorgeous!

That belly just needs a good tickle!

A fierce licking is what you get for tickling that gorgeous ginger belly!