Tuesday, 4 June 2013

02/06/2013 - Sweltering Sunday

It's a warm day. Which is nice! It makes a change! Apparently it's supposed to last! YAY!

How did we enjoy such a lovely day? Yeah. I ironed. For about 4 hours. It's not the end of the world. It needed to be done after my 2 weeks of procrastinating!

The best part was my breakfast break. We had a special breakfast. Naughty in some ways, but actually quite healthy in others.

Steak for breakfast. How...fancy! See - it's not a bad breakfast. Protein rich and tasty and anything. Not something we do all the time, as it's not the cheapest dinner, but it's not the most expensive steak and we thought why not?

Then back to the ironing. It wasn't too bad. I listened to my audiobook and got on with it! Made the time fly. Always good!

See - no more ironing! Until I start with more washing tomorrow. :(

We sorted a few other bits and pieces out and tidied up a little. Our house gets messy easily as there's a lot of stuff in it but not a great deal of space in which to put it! Especially with all the extra wedding bits and bobs knocking around.

We had the promised roast pork dinner, which was amazing, and then couldn't decide what to watch on tv. I KNOW. Shocking. So we put on a random episode of Alias, which we haven't watched in years. One became two...which became 3. I'm not sad about it - it's a great show.

To make this post even more thrilling, here's a pic of Barney sizing up next to some books!

He's 7 books tall...lying down. Because that's the best way to measure a cat.

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