Tuesday, 4 June 2013

03/06/2013 - Here's my handle, here's my spout

I woke up not feeling amazing. Just had a bit of a sore throat. Little did I know that this was the best I was going to feel all day. I went downhill pretty rapidly.

Honey and lemon strepsils were my only friends in work. And even they ran out, although I later found more.

Still, I stuck it out at work, like the trooper that I am, and made it to the other side. Somehow. I'm not sure. I felt pretty crappy.

Paul went off to circuit training at the gym while I sat and felt sorry for myself on the sofa. Then remembered that a parcel had come for me! How exciting!

It was a late birthday present from Lucy! What was it, I hear you all ask?!

It's a Barney-pot! A black kitty teapot! Isn't that AMAZING! Yes, it's a bit naff and tacky, but I LOVE IT!

Best part - it cost more to post it than it actually cost! This one is definitely a keeper! It's going to take a proud place on my shelves I think!

I know what you're all thinking - did the kitties like it?

I think they were quite impressed. I wonder if they'd do the same with a real kitten?!

After Paul came back and we had dinner, we watched a little more Alias and then went to bed to read for a bit. I, feeling totally crappy, fell asleep pretty quickly.

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