Sunday, 9 June 2013

05/06/2013 - Milestone!

So it turns out that my blogger app crashed a year ago today. My last post was on the 4th June so I've successfully made it further this year than I did last year! Success!

Actually, that's not strictly true, I wrote the entries, they just didn't post from my phone, and as it was a big kerfuffle to get the pictures from my phone last year, I quit. Now my pictures automatically upload to my dropbox, I have no excuse!

I'm just reading what I wrote. Apparently it was Jubilee weekend this time last year. Wow. Can't believe that's a year ago. It actually feels longer than that!

Chris and I were discussing our blog stats this evening, and the information that blogger gives is really interesting! Apparently I have a following in China! Hello!

For some reason I can't find the June 5th post but in the June 6th post it was a Wednesday and we had #Whedonsday. Chris - we finished Season 2 of Angel and Season 5 of Buffy this time last year. Seriously. Did we cancel a lot last year because it has taken us a LOOOOONG time to get to where we are now!

Anyway, we had #Whedonsday this evening and it was a finale evening as well! It's seamless! Tonight we finished Firefly and then watched Serenity. Got to love Nathan Fillion. It was a good evening, with foamy goodness and meatball pasta!

I've just realised that I haven't posted a picture yet. I literally only took one picture today and it's not very interesting, but it's all I've got!


When I got my teapot from Lucy on Monday, I also received a picture with it! It's A's nursery pic! She's just the cutest! I have a pic of A on my notice board already, from the day she was born, and so now I've got this one too, guarding my work stamps! Colleague J tried to take the one on the left earlier on and the pic fell on him! Ha. She's protecting them well. If only she could have given him a paper cut as well, that would have been perfect!

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