Sunday, 9 June 2013

07/06/2013 - 3 MONTHS TODAY! EEK!

Yup - In 3 months time I will be a Mrs. So while we will be very dull for the next 3 months, as we are very poor (weddings are expensive!) hopefully there will be lots of wedding blurb I can fill you in on in the meantime!

Anyway, it's Friday. I hate Fridays in work. Especially when the weather is this gorgeous! Alas, I had to be there. I was feeling pretty miserable, for no apparent reason, so there was only one thing that would get me through the morning: Stevie Wonder on Spotify.

It actually did help! Apart from the snotty Solicitors who phoned up and were incredibly rude to me. Look, love, we're all in work on a gorgeous day - get over yourself.


Anyway, I was still pretty gloomy and working hard, pretending that my glass of water was actually a pint of beer or something of that ilk.

 It is in a Guiness could be...

Actually, I wasn't that bothered about having an alcoholic drink. Normally by a Friday I fancy a beer or at least a glass of wine. Not today. Yes - my misery really is that bad!

Colleague J kept talking about things that were making me gloomy - mostly to do with spending money, which we can't do at the minute. I think he was feeling sorry for me as he disappeared for a few minutes and came in with this:

Sod the wedding dress diet - I'm gonna eat me some of this! A traditional '99 with flake. Which probably costs a couple of quid these days!

It was delish. Sticky as anything and sooooooo bad for me, but just what I needed. Cheered me up a great deal! Thanks, J! I forgive you for stealing my lemon last week.

A nice stroll home and some scran whilst working out our weekend ahead. We have invitations to make and we HAVE to do it over the next two days. 

I did some printing and working things out. We didn't make a plan of action as such, just worked out what needed doing. Turns out there's quite a lot. 

So we went to bed to 'read' (listen to our audio books) to prepare for the manic day ahead tomorrow.

Hopefully I can take some pics which won't give away the invitations as yet. I'll write a whole other post about those once people have received them! As I'm writing this on Sunday morning, I KNOW I took a load of pictures! :)

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