Wednesday, 12 June 2013

08/06/2013 - Gettin' Crafty!

Today is wedding invitation making day! Whoop! That's me trying to sound enthusiastic as it's now a few days later and we're STILL working on them!

Anyway, Paul went and did #ParkRun while I did some sorting out, and got rid of something gross that's been hanging around in our back yard for a while that we needed rid of, and no, it's not Barney!

I decided my iPod (other digital music players are available) needed some new tunes on it, so I made myself a playlist of songs I like! It took a little longer than expected, and Paul was back before I knew it!

Once I finished making my playlist, we had breakfast and worked out how we were going to do things.

First - get the materials that would be needed to hand:

Then have a brew and congratulate yourself for getting everything ready!

That's about it for order. We made everything else up as we went along!

These are our invitations. The type is on the other side. No spoilers yet!

I cut them down to size and congratulated myself on a job well done. Then I set Paul an important task:

 Ironing the card so it was flat! Actually, that's not true. There was something else that needed ironing to do with the invitations, but I can't show you that! The iron had warped the template so we had to iron it flat!

 Barney is not impressed that we are doing stuff and not paying attention to him. True story.

Maia spent the whole day sunning herself on the window. She was a happy bunny!

We then did some cutting, and arranging, then it was time to play with the new toy!

Kids, you shouldn't play with guns. Whether they fire bullets or molten glue. Boy, I wish I had listened to my own advice!

This should be the limit that I'm allowed to play with glue guns. Look at me - I'm Wolverine! :)

ARGH! I took so many pictures but showing them would be a spoiler! I will show you what they look like maybe next week? Once I know that they have been received by most people who we are giving them to.

Anyway, next up - learning how to do things with Microsoft Office! I did something I have never done before - I printed onto an envelope. Yes, I know people do this all the time, but I never have and I learnt how to format it and everything! Office 2007 is pretty ace for being blatantly obvious as to how to do things like this!

Look! Return envelopes! Printed by me! :) I'm so clever.

The RSVP cards that we made the other night were all printed and then I had to cut them to size. Extra spoilers shown on the RSVP card that I can't be bothered to hide!

 From there, we had lots of stacked up stuff. So it's time to put it together, right? We made our first one for our friend Ash. We're pleased with how it's come out. It's different than every other one we did, mostly because I ordered more of one piece of...material...and then when I ordered it in bulk, it's a different one.

This put us in a grump.

We got everything else ready, and then were working on this...material...for the rest of the evening.

To prove to Paul that the new stuff would work, I grabbed the glue gun and proceeded to do a trial run. and got molten glue on my thumb-tip and hand.

To say I was in pain is an understatement. I don't think I've ever been in that much pain. Seriously. Even the broken elbow didn't hurt this much.

That put pay to our crafty evening. Instead, I had my hands in a bowl of cold water (even used the cat's water fountain at one point) for about 3 hours whilst watching comedy on tv until the pain went down enough for me to be able to keep my hands out of water for any length of time.

It was a looooong night.

No sitting out in the sun for us tomorrow. We have work to do.

I gave myself a first degree burn without even having a single drink. Alcohol cannot be blamed. Nope - just my own stupidity.


  1. *sob* all these spoilers, and I doubt I'll ever get to see them cause I'm so not invited to the wedding, just being a visitor to your blog and all.. (that and I live across the pond)

    I feel so... left out.. :(

    (sorry, shouldn't guilt trip ya.. just hoping that once the day is done you'll share all the 'spoilers')

  2. I have taken so many pictures that I hope to remember to post the pictures!

    I'll send you an invite if you like...but you'd have to bring the Crew and the fosters with you. Cats are welcome at our venue! As it's in a barn, they'll have a great time! Odilia is more than welcome to ride my dress-train! :)