Friday, 14 June 2013

09/06/2013 - DIY - Don't Injure Yourself

Yup. I'm in pain. WAAAA! Woe is me. Etc etc.

My thumb hurts.

That's the beautiful blister that I now have on my thumb. It's very ouchy (and got very big and puffy!) and I can't hold anything particularly hot without feeling pain. I like tea - this is a disaster.

Still, I can't sit and feel sorry for myself for long. I have invitations to finish. But first, let's let in some of that glorious sunshine that we can't go outside to enjoy. Waa. Except to torment Barney... ;)

He did not like his Mamma being on the other side of the glass! He was scratching at the window to try to get to me! Awww! He was 'beeping' away while I was out there too. Adorable!

Once I came back inside, he settled down and was just gorgeous.

For some reason, these pictures aren't as clear as they should be. Hmmmm.


We needed to pin a few bits down to make things easier. Again - all will become clear when I remember to post the actual invitations...

I do have a box of sewing bits and bobs and in it, my tin of...well...bits and bobs! This is where I'll find my pins. I hope.

This tin belonged to my maternal grandmother. Would you believe that she was a dog person? Anyway, as scary as the kittens are on the front of it, I love it! I think she would like that I do as well! The tin also proved highly interesting. To me, anyway.

All these buttons and odds and ends! My Grandma was a seamstress, and she made a lot of my clothes when I was a little girl. She also made my Mum's wedding dress, so I think she'll like that I'm using bits of hers to help with my wedding!

Do you also see what's in the middle?

That's one of my Mum's old name tags from her school uniform! How ace is that to find! :)

Anyway, we carried on with the making of our invitations. The day absolutely flew by!

I think this is the face of "urgh - do we have to?!" I know that as that's what I felt!

It's so distracting when you have gorgeousness like this getting in the way...

We had bits to cut, and we cut them. We then had some of those cut bits to stick and we stuck them. They looked even better than we had hoped. We danced a relieved dance of joy! It looks something like this:

Taken from Joss Whedon's Angel. Posted by someone on YouTube.

We had some dinner - a nice healthy chicken and salad, and carried on with our work. The stuck bits then needed trimming, and then we were done. For the evening. More work to be done. Le sigh. These are only the day invitations as well! There are more guests coming in the evening! There are more invitations to be made! ARGH! Still - at least we did all the difficult cutting out first.

Then to bed. The day went far too quickly and even though we spent most of the day sat down, we were still shattered!

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