Friday, 14 June 2013

10/06/2013 - Whilst at work...

It's a new week, friends. With a new week comes new work. Waaa.

We got up early and went to the gym. It was good. I did a little 5 minute run and could still feel a bit of discomfort in my hip, so switched to the kinetic weights instead.

Then to work, and it was welcome back to colleague T, who has just had 2 weeks in Florida! She has an amazing tan and the jet lag to go with it!

She came back to the sad news that two of her relatives had unexpectedly passed away while she was over there, so she isn't in the best of spirits. Understandable.

After taking a plethora of pictures this weekend, I hardly took any today. Although I got some post from the Royal Mail today and one of the 'headlines' amused me.

Stealing quotes from Gandalf, Royal Mail marketing person? Never wise to fool a Wizard...

 Yes, I have a copy of Lord of the Rings to hand. It turns out that the quote is more from the movie but meh - you see the source material!

While I was at work I received notification that my father-in-law (to be), also known as John the Builder would be coming around "to attach the pipe that isn't attached to anything".

I didn't know what that meant. Cue excitement for me returning home to find this:

 There's new piping in my bathroom, which connects to my outdoor tap. I have an outdoor tap now.

I'm not overly sure why I need an outdoor tap, but hey, I have one.

Let's also not mention the pencil marks or the scuff mark down my recently painted bathroom. Or the non-filled gap that goes round the pipe.

But still - exterior plumbing...


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