Friday, 14 June 2013

11/06/2013 - Working 9 til...well 9, actually!

2 out of 2 days in the gym! Go team us! I'm proud of us, anyway! I thought I'd test my hip with a little cross trainer then wave action. It didn't hurt! I'm so happy! It must be the impact from running, so I think I need to work on that a little!

Anyway, everything was the same old same old in the office.

When I came home, dinner was almost nearly ready anyway, so we ate and then got back down to business with the invitations. We had envelopes to print and a few last details to finish.

We did the lot! All the day invitations are done! YIPPEE! We just need to distribute the hand delivered ones, organise international postage to the abroad people and then sort the national postage situation on the ones that are left!

I'm so glad we're at this stage. Sure, we've got the evening invitations to do, but I feel a lot more confident about them now we have the bulk out of the way!

Here's my friend Chris's invitation! I don't know if he reads the blog but I'm sure he wouldn't want me putting his address out there for the world to see. He's very stalk-able, so I think I'm doing him a favour in protecting him from the crazy masses. However, if you are ever lucky enough to meet him, please feel free to say the words "Peter Pettigrew" or "Timothy Spall" to him. He has to drink. Ah, what a game we play!

We finished with a little time to spare, but we went to bed to chill. I am absolutely exhausted. I can't remember the last time I relaxed properly. I can't wait for holiday!

As the above picture is very exciting for me but probably less so for you; here's Barney.

If you're wondering where Maia has been the last few days, she's been around but she's always sitting a-top something to do with the invitations, and I don't want to spoil you! Maia pics will have to wait!

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