Friday, 14 June 2013

12/06/2013 - RSVP!

Wednesday is here! So soon! How can this be?!

The day went by at a snails pace. The previous 2 weeks flew by. This week. Well, it's not.

Technical question: obviously we all know that Google Reader is no longer going to be with us in a few weeks time. Which is devastating. I've been trying to use Feedly. I am not amused. I'm getting more used to it but the majority of the time I open it in Chrome (my current browser of choice) it's permanently 'synchronising'.

The only reason I started using Chrome is because Blogger didn't like working in any other browser I have on my system. However Feedly works perfectly in Firefox, my previous choice of browser. I bet it even works in Internet Explorer! I hope it sorts itself out pronto as gosh darn it, I need to keep up with my feed! I need the cuteness of all the kitties I follow...and the wedding stuff...but KITTIES!

If you, like me, have a fondness for kittens and cats and all things feline, then these are my favourites (in alphabetical order):

Love and Hisses - currently featuring The Royals, and Khaleesi and her Dragons
Tails from the Foster Kittens - Odilia, who was born with no eyes is just the most ADORABLE kitten ever.
The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee - The first kitty blog I followed! Best thing I ever decided to do!

Today, while I was at work, Paul hand-delivered some of our finished invitations to neighbours who live locally.

Within an hour we got our first RSVP! From a genuine rock star!

There he is on stage, back in November last year with his band, Sound of Guns. Hi Lee, if you're reading! :)

So excited that someone is coming!

After work I came home and did some clearing up before Chris came over for #Whedonsday!

It was a late start, but made all the better because we gave Chris his invitation to the wedding! He seemed to like it! I hope it was a genuine reaction, anyway...

From there, we started watching Dollhouse, which was on about 4 years ago before the evil television networks cancelled it. It was a  great show and it's been a couple of years since we watched it last time, so it's good to see it again!

Plus we had home made Kerala Beef Bhuna, which was pretty delish.

After that we had something I'd been since Monday. Seriously. I had a carb craving that nothing could satiate. I needed biscuits. I managed to put them off for 48 hours. As today is a bit of a naughty day, with having beer and all, a few bikkies isn't going to break me, right?

Custard Creams, Millionaires Shortbread and Jammie Dodgers (with custard).

Wrong. I felt soooooooo guilty after eating some of these. Real pangs of "I've just put on every pound I've lost recently" guilt.

I went to bed not feeling very happy with myself.

At least I got the craving out the way though, right?


  1. hey. that's me! :) Thanks for the linkage..

    Dollhouse was four years ago?? Really? Wow.. seems like it was just last year..

  2. I know! I felt the need to share the love! :) Odi and the Crew entertain me so much that I feel compelled to share her with my readership! :)