Friday, 14 June 2013

13/06/2013 - It's hard keeping secrets

I have to be honest with you, dear readers. It's so hard keeping these invitations a secret. I just don't want to spoil the surprise for when people who read this blog actually receive them!

I don't think they're the most amazing thing since sliced bread. I do think that they're pretty and they get the job done. They are completely designed by ourselves, and to our knowledge, people won't have received anything quite like them. I've seen things similar online but nothing that looks like we've copied them.

Most of the pictures I've taken this week are of us making the invitations, documenting the process that we went through. For obvious reasons, I can't show these pictures yet, making the blog even more dull than usual, if that's even possible!

I really do hope I remember post all about the making of the invitations, and I hope that I'm not so bored by them at that point that I neglect to do it! Remind me and beg me for that post, please?! That's if you want to see the finished secret product!

We got up and went to the gym again this morning! Three for three! We can't go on a Wednesday morning as it doesn't open until 9.30am which is too late for me. I consider it a success!

Had loads to do in work today, so I really tried to get my head down and focus on the tasks in hand. I'm not very good at that but I did my best!

This is my top drawer in the office today. In it, other than my Dictaphone headphones and phone case is my fruit stash. And some out of date thai green curry flavour poppadom type things which are gross and I really should throw them away.

Yes, folks, that's how exciting things get. Hold onto your hats!

After work I came home, ate dinner and set to making the evening invitations. The glue gun needed to make an appearance and neither of us burnt ourselves! Well done us! We got them to a very advanced point in the crafting process when we decided that we did need to go to bed. Busy day ahead tomorrow, so much needed beauty sleep was in order so we could get up and go to the gym in the morning. Priorities in the right place, you see!

Beautiful Maia is not amused that we are concentrating so hard on that paper stuff that she's not allowed to sit on and not throwing mouseys for her to play with. We are such cruel parents.

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