Saturday, 15 June 2013

14/06/2013 - Evening off

We made it! 4 out of 4 mornings in the gym! Weights for me today and boy, were they tough! I bet I was pulling some beautiful gurning faces!

Picture taken from a random google image search. I do not own this picture. This is not actually me, even if I say it is.

Yep - that was me in the gym this morning! Attractive, huh?!

Busy and mad day in the office. Had a really short concentration span, which really doesn't help with productivity. I got a good amount done though, and even stayed slightly late to finish stuff off! I am quite clearly Employee of the Year. Fact. As I am Office Manager, I get to decide, and that's my decision.

So there.

Anyway, I came back home and decided to call my Mum. It took her less than 90 seconds to ask how the invitations are coming on. Yep - that's what my life has become.

Whilst talking to her I was actually finishing some bits off on the evening invitations, ready to actually finish to post out either tomorrow or Monday. EEK. This stuff's getting real now!

From there I decided I needed to catch up with blog stuff so ate dinner and pretty much started ignoring Paul to make sure that you guys are kept up to date with how mundane my every day life is! You're welcome!

This is how Paul decided to spend the evening:

Playing Gran Turismo on the PS3. *other games consoles are available...although that game might not be available for said consoles*

To spur us on, after we made the executive decision NOT to get wine (I know, right?! Two weekends running!) we decided to finish the custard creams. It's a dirty rotten job.

 The glorious weather we had last weekend has been replaced by misery. The clouds are crying due to the mundane life that we are leading at the moment.

It wasn't just raining. It was bloody p***ing it down. Setting off car alarms it was so heavy. Glad I was inside and not out!

So yeah. Nothing much really to report this evening. Paul was driving round Monaco in some nice cars that make a 'vroooom' noise, which is very exciting as we'll be there in a few weeks. I sat here and typed up a few days blog.

I also got a wash. Clearly this blogging malarky is dirty work.

She is very vigilant at cleaning her Mummy. Of course it's not the most hygienic of cleansing methods but I do love kisses from Maia!

I sit on the right-hand side of a large 2-seater sofa. I have the dvd shelves next to fact, I'll take a picture to show what my view is right now while typing.

Below those shelves on my right is a gap. Where I heard a rustling noise. Fearing for my life and suspecting foul play / a mouse I was the bravest soldier ever and stuck my camera down there to take a picture to see what was going on.

This is what I found.

Completely forgot there was a cat bed down there! That was the first thing I ever bought for Maia before I picked her up from the RSPCA! She was so timid I thought she might feel safe in a covered bed. Ha. She's hardly ever used it!

Instead it seems that Barney (or Spider, as he's known when he's down there) quite likes it in there. It must be quite cool in these warmer evenings!

Plus he lets me tickle him when he's in that bed, as he thinks no one can see him so he can secretly enjoy it. Crafty little sausage.

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