Monday, 17 June 2013

15/06/2013 - It's wedding a go-go!

After last night's chill out, here we were today with a nice day of stuff planned. We had a trip to our florist to do (to approve their rose choices) and then I have a ton of ironing to do.

Except it doesn't always turn out to go how it was planned.

Every time I sat on the bed, I got one of these:

Maia was feeling extremely clingy.

Paul went and did ParkRun, while I sorted some washing and did some tidying up. When he came back and showered it was time to head over to the florist.

They had 3 roses for us to pick out, and we liked 2 of them well enough, so instead of settling for one, we went with both! Turns out they're used to REALLY fussy brides. I think I'm the total opposite!

We then headed over to Manchester, as Paul's Mum had a few things for him to pick up. As soon as we pulled up at the house, Paul's Dad collared him to do something to the car (I have no idea's all technical jargon to me!) and I had a natter with his Mum.

We discussed various things wedding, and also talked about my impending dress fitting. I said that I was currently contemplating accessories, and she came up with something that I can borrow if it looks ok with the dress:

This picture really doesn't do the necklace justice. But in some ways that's good! It makes it more of a teaser than a spoiler!

I have a necklace from my Mum that I'm going to try first, due to sentiment and what it stands for, but if it's not enough, this one may do it!

I also got chance to see her outfit for the wedding! It's navy and really pretty! She'll look fabulous.

Once we left there, we popped into the local pharmacy where Paul's Mum's best friend works to deliver her invitation! Well...we may as well! It was gratefully received and I think they're looking forward to it!

We then came home.

This is the part of the motorway that was quiet. Not all of it was this pleasant to drive down.

We came home to find some rather badly written mail for Paul and a little treat for the both of us:

Our first posted RSVP! YAY! It's not even one that we gave out with the invitations (because we hadn't made them then!), Koran went out and bought a card completely off her own back!

To be fair, it's a good job she's coming as she's got a pivotal role in our wedding! It's kind of important that she comes!

We discussed all things wedding for the rest of the afternoon, and I then carried on tidying up while Paul sorted the kitchen and made dinner.

While sorting out my DVDs I came across my True Blood boxset. It's been a while since we've seen it, and the new series starts tomorrow in America, so why not watch a few episodes! And we did. Until it came time to watch the Portland Timbers play. It's a 2pm kick off in Portland which is 10pm here. We found a decent stream online - hey, ESPN - why not show it on English tv...we like MLS too - and watched them win! Huzzah! Well...Paul watched the game...I transferred the DVD to my laptop and carried on watching True Blood, pausing occasionally when something exciting was happening in the match!

Midnight. Then bed. A late night for us! Rebels, ain't we?!


  1. in my house we call that "a case of the ___" as in I have a case of the Skippies, i can't possibly turn the light off, you'll have to.

    it is fun when we both have a case of something.. sometimes though one of us will have two and thus will 'win'.. aka, I'm sorry you have a case of the Skippies, but I have a case of the Jacks and the Twees, so I'm down for the count! ;)

  2. Luckily for me, it's usually me that has a 'case of the...' as Maia doesn't snuggle Paul very often, and Barney even less.

    It's such a shame...

    I'd love to have a case of the Skippies! And Jacks and Twees! In fact, pile them all on! :)