Monday, 17 June 2013

16/06/2013 - HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!

It's Daddy's Day! YAY!

This is an old picture - April 2009 - I'm skinny and blonde, but my Dad is still awesome! :)

This morning we got up at a fairly reasonable hour, as we had to be up and attem ready for when my parents' came to visit! Yeah, I got to see my father on Fathers' Day! Perfectly convenient!

We were going out for lunch with the rest of the Hartley crew (minus my bro and sis-in-law) so in order to save myself for a nice big lunch I had a fruity breakfast.

Barney was fascinated by my banana. He didn't want to eat it...just get hypnotised by the swinging skin!

Mum and Dad arrived just after 11, and we had a brew and a catch up. They hadn't been up here since the beginning of April, and I hadn't seen them since the beginning of May, so there was a lot to catch up on! Plus they got their wedding invitation! They didn't need an RSVP though. We kinda have to presume that they're coming. They seemed suitably impressed, which is good!

We then went on a short drive to Blackburn to a place called The Boat Yard on the banks of the canal. Lovely setting for a family reunion.

Wonderful and scenic.

It took a little while for everyone to get here, and a couple of drinks were had while we were waiting...not good on an empty stomach. Still - we were able to hand out our wedding invitations to the family while they waited! We even got RSVPs there are then! We got a whole 5 of them...out of 7! I think that's an excellent haul! One promised to put theirs in the post and the other...will be a surprise! Who knows how it will arrive!

Then dinner was served. No, not just dinner. A plate that would solve the world hunger crisis.

This doesn't even do it justice. These sausages were flippin' massive! I couldn't get anywhere near finishing it! Lucky for me, I'm from a family of sharers, so my fiance, my second cousin and my uncle were happy to help! I'm sure if my brother was there, he would have assisted as well!

Then, while we all sat pleasantly portly, catching up some more, we watched my delightful second cousin pull some wonderful faces!

This is his scary monster face, just like little A's! SO CUTE! His Mick Jagger impression is something to behold! It will be a treat for all for you coming to the wedding!

We got home, had another brew and watched Andy Murray win at the tennis, which is a rare and wonderful sight. Mum and Dad left and I...well...I went to bed. I don't know what it was but I had been fighting off a migraine all day. It was now time to lie down and feel sorry for myself. Which I did. No dinner, lots of peppermint tea and sleepy time was upon us.

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