Tuesday, 18 June 2013

17/06/2013 - Big Day...

...not THE big day...but a big day all the same.

Somehow I managed to haul my backside out of bed and make enough noise that Paul woke up as well and got ourselves to the gym.

I went on the step machine for 5 minutes as a warm up and then did a kinetic weight circuit. It was fun. Well, as fun as going to the gym can be! I was listening to my Stephen Fry autobiography audio book and he was talking about acting at university. Something I can relate to!

The first thing I did when I got into work this morning was give my boss T and my colleague A their invitations to our wedding! Paul finished a few off while I was getting ready for work! Good boy, isn't he?!

I left colleague J's invite on his desk as well, ready for when he came in...I wasn't sure what time he'd be in!

Not long after they came in, they all went out, leaving me all on my lonesome as colleague T is off at 1 of 2 funerals she has this week. :(

I got no comments on the invitations. It hurts a little, I have to be honest.

When the post came in, Lady J from the office upstairs (that works as a nickname for her!) came and stopped for a chat. I gave her the invitation for her and her husband. She was full of compliments for it. I wish I worked with more girls! D from upstairs and colleague T are in tomorrow so hopefully I get a few more nice comments. Although D might be all offended that she's only invited to the evening do. She best get over it.

While I had a few minutes I prepared a bunch of other invitations. It's time to trust in Her Majesty's Postal Service - The Royal Mail. Our distance invites are going out starting today! Only the day ones are going out so far, as the evening ones need a few more bits and bobs doing, but we'll do that tomorrow.

First class stamps and everything. These folk are lucky and should receive their invitations within the next couple of days...provided that the Royal Mail doesn't muck it up! Keep your fingers crossed!

Baby, they're ready to go! :) Had to hide my MoH's address on the front there!

I was on my own in the office for over 4 hours. I was not amused. But they had work things to do, so what can I do but do more work!

Still, once it got to 4pm, and I'd sorted all the office post, colleague J was back so I was able to go to the postbox and deliver our special envelopes!

How thrilled do I look about getting these gone?!

Paul  was there too!

I've just looked at this picture and it makes it look like the post box is in a really lovely area. Yeah. It's not. But let's pretend it's in parkland, huh?!

So - pretty much all of the day invitations are in the mail. I'm excited and scared in equal measure. I just hope that people can come!

After work I was feeling pretty crappy so headed home to chill. We sat and watched the new ep of True Blood, the finale of Person of Interest and the latest episode of Defiance.

I heard my little spider on the walkabout again. Sure enough:

Snoozin' Spider. Bless. He's cute! :)

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