Saturday, 22 June 2013

18/06/2013 - This wedding is as much work!

After the craziness of yesterday and the handing out of invitations, I thought that today would be far more relaxed!

We headed to the gym, even though we really didn't want to, and we were proud of ourselves for doing do! I cross trained, then arm biked, then regular biked. It was tough. I got jelly legs. Still - it's all good, right?

After gym I went to work and gave colleague T her invitation. She was very gushing about it, but only when Big Boss T wasn't there!

The day went sloooow. But at least it was uneventful.

When I came home I got to read through today's post. We had our first RSVP through the post! Sadly, it wasn't a positive outcome.

Abby can't make it. Which is a shame. But still. At least she wasn't happy about declining!

We also got a reminder about something that we need to do soon!

We have a gift list to make! John Lewis, where we are setting up our list doesn't like you setting up your list until 8 weeks before the wedding. I think they forget that people need to get invitations out! I know it's to avoid things being discontinued etc but still - 8 weeks is a bit too short notice! We're going to do ours at 10 weeks, even though our invitations have already gone out and our website is live! I hope people check back to the website to find it!

Speaking of our website, we've had a few visitors!

Excellent stuff!

A fairly early night is needed tonight. Tomorrow could potentially could be quite a late nice! So after dinner and a bit of tv we headed to bed to read a little and sleep some more.

This was waiting for us. Isn't she just gorgeous!

That belly just needs a good tickle!

A fierce licking is what you get for tickling that gorgeous ginger belly!

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