Tuesday, 25 June 2013

23/06/2013 - Ruthless is my middle name!

Another day that we could use to get loads of stuff done...


After two crazy busy weekends, and many more to come over the next few months, we needed to be lazy, so we carried that on to today! :)

We decided to put Alias on the tv and laze around. It was WONDERFUL! Well...Alias season 4 isn't that good, but it was better than last night's tv choice, so on it went!

To break up the being lazy part of the day, we ventured into the loft to get a few bits down that we're going to need in the next couple of weeks. Suit cases. We're going away! :) Probably won't blog about it until we get back so all you burglar folk won't come and break into my house and take the very little that I own! We have no money to replace it!

As well as getting the battered suitcases down, I also grabbed a few bags of clothes that we had put up there as they were still decent quality but too small for us. As we've both experienced some weight loss recently, there might be some hidden treasures, waiting for our holiday!

Yeah. There were a couple of bits for Paul, including some brand new shirts that he hadn't worn as they were too tight. Perfect! For me...not so much. I got rid of A LOT. Even if it did up but wasn't comfortable (with the exception of one pair of trousers and one skirt) it went. I doubt I'll lose much else so why clutter the place up with old clothes!

This is the pile of clothes to go. It's nearly the same height behind the front pile as well!

The local charity shops are getting a good haul from us this week!

From there...back to lazing around. It was a pretty good day, to be honest.

We also made the decision not to have some wine tonight. Well...we both wanted a glass or two (we've had a case delivered as our online account had money in it which was just sitting there...may as well use it while we're poor) but both knew that it would be bad if we're planning on getting up and going to the gym tomorrow morning.

To help us make decisions, we use a wonderful app which rolls dice for you! We would flip a coin but then you can only have 2 outcomes, and some situations require more than one. Not this one. Evens = drink, odds = not drink. It was a 5.

We watched a little more Alias then headed to bed, ready for the week ahead.

Yup. We really are boring. Even the cats were so bored they slept all weekend.

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