Tuesday, 25 June 2013

24/06/2013 - Maniac

The alarm went off at the usual silly o'clock for the gym. Neither of us wanted to get up and go to the gym but we did. I was glad we went later on...but not at the time!

As I was getting ready for work, I had put the bag that had contained Scarlett's bridesmaid dress on the bed.

I think you all know what happened next...

Yep. There's a cat in the bag. What else?!

She was purring away, so happy! It's like it was made for her!

Someone wasn't happy about it...

So work was the same old same old. Nothing new. Just a usual long day. It was about to get longer.

After work, instead of going to a nice free cinema preview showing of 'The Internship' and sitting on my backside all evening, we went to the Circuit Training class at the gym. The one I went to a few weeks ago.

It was difficult. Not aided by super fit 'Bitch Long Legs' overtaking me at any opportunity and not even breaking a sweat. I hate her. Except her taste in jackets. The one she was wearing this evening had an amazing lining with cats on. Hmph.

We came home, ate chicken and salad and watched True Blood. From there I felt pretty gross. So it was time for me to have a bath.

No-one needs to see that. Instead there was someone else pretty fascinated by the whole thing.

 I think he likes the bubbles.

He didn't go in. Instead he sat on the above corner and watched me! I think he enjoyed listening to the Stephen Fry autobiograpy audiobook that I'm still ploughing through. I'm about half way. It's good!

From there, peppermint tea and bed. Another wacky and zany day for me, huh?

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