Wednesday, 26 June 2013

25/06/2013 - Fancy Feet

I am officially a glutton for punishment. We got up and went to the gym. Again. 3rd time in 2 days. Absolutely insane.

Decided to do something a little special today in work. Today I am going to start wearing in my wedding shoes! They're quite high and new so need a bit of manipulation. So thick socks needed to be wearing at the same time!

Sexy, huh?!

The shoes aren't that uncomfortable. They're just not quite the right...look...for the office.

 They look really gold here. They're more champagne-y in real life!

I managed to wear them all day! I didn't fall over once! They didn't hurt either! Maybe a little pinching around the toes, but I think that'll pass once I've worn them in a little!

No gym after work. I'm not that crazy!

Oh, news - my blister went today! Now I'm just left with a burn halo!

It feels weird.

While dinner was cooking, we decided to watch some more Alias as tv is rubbish once again.

Then it was dinner time!

For any of you who don't know what I have to put up with at dinner time, I can't eat chicken undisturbed...

You can tell her "no" all you like, and she might jump down for a while, but sure enough, she'll jump back up again and shove her head in your plate!

So very naughty. It's a good job she's pretty!

Then...well...I'm sure you can guess. If you guessed peppermint tea then bed, you're right!

Fingers crossed we win the £157 million Euromillion jackpot tonight, everyone!

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