Saturday, 29 June 2013

26/06/2013 - Wedding dress Wednesday

Nice morning off the gym today! It's a good thing! I need a break!

Today I only did a half-day in the office as I have pressing matters in town with need attending to.

Today is the day of my first wedding dress fitting! The day when I get to find out whether all my hard work has been worth it.


I got to put the dress shop and it was very quiet. They got my dress out and asked me to put on a hooped underskirt.

Um. What?! I hadn't had to wear one of those before.

Apparently my dress is supposed to have one. I put it on and they helped me into my dress.

I won't be wearing the hoops on my wedding day. It looked...wrong.

The dress itself fit like a glove. Which made me sad. I wanted it to be too big! All these hours in the gym and it FITS?! Urgh.

With a few pins here and there, and the scissors to the bottom of the dress, I got to walk around all fancy.

There are a few little 'issues' I have with my dress. I'm not going to list them here. I got quite upset about one of them and I am still trying to deal with it, but it's not information that I feel able to share with you all, as I cannot provide evidence as to why.

I'll get over it. Until I do, I'm not going to think about it for a little while, if that's ok. My next fitting isn't for another couple of months, so I have plenty of time to get over myself.

Trying on the dress did have it's uses though. I got to pick my veil, which is pretty, and put that on order. I also got to try on my jewellery with the dress. I have a borrowed item from my Mum which belonged to her Mum, given to her by my Mum's brother who passed away before I was born.

I'm not going to reveal. Sorry. But here's the box!

It's from Southport! We're getting married in Southport! It was meant to be!

I was on a bit of a downer, so didn't get everything done it town that I had wanted to get done. I got home and carried on being a grump. Paul was wonderful.

Chris came round for usual #Whedonsday fun. To be honest, I don't really remember much about it. I was in so much of a funk. Sorry Chris, for being bad company.

We ate Italian Shepherd's Pie for dinner and Sicilian Lemon cheesecake for pudding. Still no smiles from me.

Today should have been an exciting day. It should have been one full of smiles and joy. Instead, I am incredibly miserable.

Oh, I forgot to say above - the dress fit like a glove because it was the wrong size. I ordered one size, they ordered the same size and I got the size smaller. Seriously. So I guess I should rejoice in that I have clearly lost a dress size, and wedding dresses are notoriously smaller than other dresses, so yay me?! I just wish I had had the feeling of being smaller. I know it's saved me money on alterations, but it would have been nice to have seen the fruits of my labour. I only discovered that the dress was smaller after I had taken it off and saw the label. So I was probably in a negative frame of mind during the whole appointment as I thought I hadn't lost anything.

Sorry. This isn't a happy post. Brides to be, if you want my advice, send me a message. I have some words of wisdom that I am not going to post here in public. I don't want my full feelings on today to be remembered in this blog. I want to forget about it to be honest, so in a few years time I will recall everything being a-ok!

I had a lovely cuddle with Maia though, which was nice.

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