Saturday, 29 June 2013

27/06/2013 - I need a slap

I got up and went to the gym. I had had about 3 hours sleep, it didn't feel like what I wanted to be doing. We did it though. I ran and did the arm bike, then the leg challenge (squats and walking lunges) which was even more tiring. My hip didn't hurt though. Which is a positive.

Then, to work. I talked through my day with colleague T. She was so lovely. I really do need a slap to snap out of my funk. To me, I'm justified, but I know that other people don't think the same.

Anyway, made it through work. Then came home where we had dinner and watched all new Franklin and Bash. That Zack Morris has come a long way!

We also had a little cheeky glass of vino as well, as I needed cheering up. Yes - still.

The back of this bottle was interesting. Don't you think?

From there, I headed upstairs to start sorting through some clothes in the spare room wardrobe. In the wardrobe I found the entrance to Narnia and Aslan cames to visit!

Sorry - my bad. It's Maia. But seriously, as soon as I removed enough clothes for there to be some space, she was in there like a shot!

I did this for a few hours and then spoke to Paul about my gym workouts. I feel like I should do more and so Paul's going to teach me!

Look out Arnie - here comes Carrie! :)

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