Sunday, 30 June 2013

29/06/2013 - Window Shopping

Saturday. Previous has been the morning of the lie in. Not today. First thing's first, we needed to get to the vet so the kitties could have their booster jabs.

Maia was up first, and she was very well behaved. The vet gave her a clean bill of health, and advised that she needed some assistance with grooming herself as she's not to good at it. I think I can manage that.

Barney was next. He did NOT want to come out of his box. We had to basically tip him out! He need not have worried. He also got a clean bill of health! The vet loved him! So yay for the babies! All good for another year!

We came home and had breakfast, then headed into town to do some shopping and also compile our wedding gift list!

This random bee thing was in the middle of Liverpool One shopping centre. No idea why.

After shopping for some bits and bobs, we headed to John Lewis to go get make a ridiculous list. We got there and they handed us our scanner and also a voucher for free tea and cake! AWESOME!

 Tea, scanner and bakewell tart. It was sweet.

Paul got a caramel tiramisu. Paul loves Tiramisu. If it's on offer, he will order it. It was ok "good! Not amazing, but good!" - Amendment by Paul 30/06/2013

This teapot is crap. Don't buy it. It spills tea everywhere!

So once we were fed and watered we started on the ground floor and worked our way to the top.

We put a nice wide selection of household goods on there, plus a lifetime's worth of cushions. We're not actually expecting people to buy us stuff off there really, as John Lewis is expensive, but at least the option is there.

We did have some fun too!

There were lots of chalk products. There might have been a few words written on them...

We headed for a beer and then tried to find somewhere to eat. There was at least an hour's wait pretty much everywhere. Yeah. We're not up for that. So we got some chilli burgers from Tesco and headed home.

So much cheaper than eating out!

The burgers were good! We watched the newest Defiance and Continuum and I started falling asleep on the sofa again. Which is nice.

A successful day. We haven't actually looked at everything we've scanned yet. I'm a bit scared to, knowing the price tags that are so common in John Lewis.

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