Tuesday, 4 June 2013

31/05/2013 - 99 days to go! EEK!

We're now into double figures until the wedding. This thought excites me and terrifies me in equal measure. I remember when we were 400 days away! Now a mere 99.

I love that we're getting married soon, and I can't wait to be Paul's wife. It's just...well...THERE'S SO MUCH LEFT TO DO!


Anyway! It's Friday. It's payday. It's going to be a good day. Fingers crossed.

It actually wasn't bad!

Busy as ever in work. At lunchtime I decided to take a walk to the local shops to have a nose in some of the charity shops for some bargain books! I found some and might go back for some more for some trashy holiday reading material. What's the point in paying full price for a book you'll read only once and then probably end up giving back to charity any way?!

After work, Paul and I settled in for a nice relaxing evening in front of the tv with a nice glass of chilled wine. I didn't fancy watching something that required much effort on the tv. So we decided on "I Know What You Did Last Summer".

I've never seen it before. Turns out...it's a bit naff. But harmless fun.

Next up was a treat from Paul that he got this week after he heard Chris and I discussing it on Wednesday.

Hadn't watched it in years. Great film! Was very enjoyable.

Whilst watching the films I decided to try out my birthday present from my brother and sister in law. They got me a manicure kit thing, complete with moisturising gloves. Which are a bit odd, especially to sleep in.

I think I make them look good! They work, I guess. My hands felt nice for about 24 hours. Will try it again sometime.

Sadly, we went to bed before I was allowed my choice in movie viewage.


Well, here it is. The last #FitTeam13 #PhotoFitChallenge. It's been tough, guys. It's made this month LONG. Plus it's probably made me more tardy than I'd like to be with my blogs as finding/taking pictures isn't always easy. Plus at the time of the morning that I'm exercising, my mind isn't focused on taking pictures!

Anyway - the final picture - me looking fit.

I'm wearing athletic wear in front of my bed. The final time I have to take a selfie. I'm not good at it. Or maybe I haven't had enough practice!

Still - I like that this shade of pink makes me look like I have a decent tan, so go me! I don't actually have a tan. So this is good!

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