Monday, 12 August 2013

04/08/2013 - Long cats and birthday cake!

This morning I woke up with a bit of a thick head. But not bad, which is surprising considering the amount of gin we got through!

Barney came to join us on the bed for a while. I thought you might like an indication as to exactly how big a Barnacle can get.

He's not even at full stretch and he's as long as my foot, shin and knee, plus some! He's a big boy...yes he is! Yes he IS!

We got up and headed out a little later on for a Third birthday party! Oh yeah, we know how to party! The celebration was for Paul's cousin's twin boys, O and S. They are the brothers of Scarlett who will be my mini-maid in a few weeks time.

Action shot! O is on the right and S is on the left. Scarlett is on the left had side of the frame.

Got to love the blowing out of candles!

There were two cakes - one which was made by the boys' grandma for their birthday party the next day with some of their friends from nursery.

How amazing is this cake?!

We got a Peppa Pig cake to keep us sugared up!

Quite a lot of Paul's family were in attendance, so we were hounded about the wedding, and also if extra guests could come etc. ER. NO. I also got to read books with the boys and had a cuddle. They're just so adorable!

I also gave Scarlett her bridesmaid dress and I think she liked it! She didn't try it on as she was just too excited about the party, but at least it's there!

Next time we see that clan will be our wedding day. That's scary!

We headed home but neither of us were particularly hungry. So we chilled out in front of the TV for a bit then headed to bed. All that partying wore us out!

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