Thursday, 22 August 2013

17/08/2013 - Three Weeks to go!

It's Saturday morning, and we woke up quite early and felt great! This non drinking thing is great! It's not gonna last though. Maybe tonight...but not tomorrow!

I finally joined Instagram today! Follow me on whiney_caroliney. There you will see my filtered version of this picture:

He's a handsome boy, no?

We had a hot date with our florist this morning to look at holders for our table centrepieces for the wedding! I had given them full creative licence but they decided that they wanted to check with us anyway!

Can't complain!

Pretty (blurry) flowers all on display. And an evil giraffe. But we'll ignore him.

Our florist confirmed all our final details with us and then showed us what pots she had. She'd seen two whilst out in the week and bought them with our wedding in mind!

They're cute! They'll look extra cute with the floral displays in!

We then headed into town. Paul needed to get some new shoes for our 'event' tomorrow and I wanted to get a few lip glosses to test for the wedding. I don't really like what the make up lady used, and she said I could pick my own, so I tested a few colours and thought I'd put them on my thumb to see how well they lasted.

Four of them wouldn't come off. Not even in the shower the next day! Nail polish remover was the only thing that would get rid!

So that's good. Which do you like?

Once we got home, we got a few bits and bobs done. I blogged about my hen weekend and Paul watched the football. You know, those important things!

We then had dinner and chilled out some more!

Spanish chicken bake in the making. Delish.

Again, more relaxing had and another fairly early night. For me. Paul stayed up to watch Match of the Day.

Our neighbours decided that tonight would be a good night to sing very loud. For hours on end. So whilst I might have been in bed, I couldn't sleep. Urgh.

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