Thursday, 29 August 2013

20/08/2013 - Wedding PAIN!

After a disappointing amount of sleep last night, and a brief discussion at 5:40am, we decided that the gym wasn't such a great idea. Neither of us knew what we would do once we got there and were not particularly inclined to go.


So we spent this morning sorting bits and bobs out. You know the kind of bits and bobs I mean. The writing stupidly long cheques to people to pay for your wedding kind.


Writing this word on a cheque is not my idea of a party. It PAINED me to do it.

We had a few things to pay for this week so figured it was best to get them off today so we knew that the payment would be made on time.

I dislike writing cheques. Especially when they're big cheques. I also dislike seeing the money go spiralling out of my account. Waaa. Stupid expensive wedding.

Paul was going off to our wedding venue with our photographers today to have a look around and scope out the best places to have pictures done.

I was going to work. I think I got a bad deal in this, didn't I?!

I have nothing really to show you from my day, as it was the same as most other days. Want to see some sneaky pics of our venue? Oh, go on then!

This is the Coach House (which I've never seen with all the door closed before!) where the reception drinks will be enjoyed, plus teas and coffees after the meal. Cute, huh?

This is a bridge over a little stream which is behind the big manor house which owns the barn.

Said manor house! So English, no? I love it!

This is the side of the barn where our wedding will be held, looking out towards the car park.

That's all the spoilers I'm giving you! You'll have to wait until I post some wedding pics to see the rest! Rest assured, the barn is GORGEOUS! :)

I came home from work to a very excitable Paul, who, after spending the morning at the venue was really looking forward to the wedding! The photographers loved it, and so I'm excited for the day now too!

To celebrate we made healthy (ish) pizza!

Instead of using a pizza base, it uses a tortilla wrap, so there's less carby-bread to bloat you! Plus only a teeny sprinkling of cheese (which we might have added a bit more than we should) and it was pretty good! Once you got used to there not being a stodgy bread base, it was a good eat!

After the pizza (and a stupidly long conversation with my parents) we chilled out watching telly for a bit then tried for another night to get a decent night's sleep.

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