Friday, 2 August 2013

31/07/2013 - Pleasure and Pain.

My back is still bad. It doesn't hurt as such, but it's stiff and I can't move properly. I'm a right old woman!

I headed into work and carried on regardless. I did what I could but I couldn't do much in the way of lifting files. I felt better walking than sat down. I don't think my chair does me any favours at all.

I'd planned on taking a stroll at lunch time, but a) the weather was awful and b) ouch. So I stayed in the office and felt sorry for myself. Because what better way to spend a lunch hour!

After work I headed home, met up with Paul and then headed over to our wedding photographer, Lesley Wood's house!

As well as doing wedding, pets and people shots, she's also an award winning wildlife photographer, and you can see some of her amazing pictures here.

I could look at those pics all day, and I'm sure you could as well, but let's be egotistical and get back to me and my blog!

We went to Lesley's to see the rest of our pre-wedding pictures that we had taken on Saturday! She has very generously given us a copy of all the pictures that she has taken, so I thought I'd show you some of our favourites!

If you don't like looking at pics of me or Paul, you'll probably want to forego the rest of this post!

Copyright - Lesley Wood Photography

 Copyright - Lesley Wood Photography

 Copyright - Lesley Wood Photography

Nice, huh? There were a few silly ones as well...

 Copyright - Lesley Wood Photography

 Copyright - Lesley Wood Photography

I know she asked us to jump about a little, but I just haven't got a clue! I think I'm trying to do the click my heels together thing...and this is what it looks like. I won't do that again.

Finally, here is one of my personal favourites.

Copyright - Lesley Wood Photography


You wouldn't think that we were on a beach in Merseyside, England, would you?!

We weren't there for very long, so we headed home to have dinner and chill out...and look at the pictures again.

Lesley then put some of the pics on Facebook! I told my Mum to go have a look and they made her cry! I hope it a good way...I know we're no supermodels, but Paul's a handsome lad!

We had a cheeky glass of medicinal wine and then headed to bed, so I could stretch my back out flat.

No gym for me in the morning. I am not pleased. This bridal body isn't going to be fabulous all by itself. I WISH.

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