Saturday, 14 September 2013




It's Sunday and there is still a lot to do today! Although now I look back on it, I can't honestly really remember what I did today!

I remember lying in bed not really wanting to move. Which is perfectly acceptable. I remember Paul got up to go for a run. I got up and took a picture of our haul from yesterday...

Yup, there's a party in our spare room and you're all invited! Maia has the guest list so you best make sure you're name is on there!

 Maia's also guarding the red wine. Isn't she a Princess?!

I also seem to have been stalking the weather forecast for our wedding day! I think every bride is guilty of doing this, and don't try to pretend that you didn't!

Nothing like a broad spectrum of temperature to go on there!

I would happily take this any day of the week! Not too warm and no rain! GET IN!

I don't like this one so much...

Rain all day. Not impressed about that one...

Partly cloudy with 20% chance of rain? I'll take that one too!

Yep - happy with this one as well!

One of the above was accurate. If you follow my twitter or instagram, you'll know which one. If you don't...I'm going to leave it as a bit of a cliffhanger!

Maia and Barney were tired of my weather woes and slept pretty much all day. Also, does anyone else's cat prefer the bed the wrong way up?! Maia won't sleep on it unless the underside is the upperside!

I was doing some final wedding bits out in the yard, which I will miss when I have finished with the wedding. I like my office! I'd sent Paul out to get some shopping, and when he came back, he brought me lunch. Also known as the best fish finger sandwich in the world.

I was sat out organising and cutting out the menu for the food and also our wedding i-spy! Yes, I was never going to pass up the opportunity to get people out taking pictures for us! I wrote 3 different i-spy rhymes and placed them on various tables. Last year I bought Poundland out of double sided picture frames in which to display them all and so had to cut everything down to size. I think they looked good at the end! I now also have about 20 picture frames if anyone wants them?!

I didn't get a picture of those. Sorry. They'll appear during wedding pic posts, I'm sure.

We sat watching football for the rest of the day (as that's all that was on tv) and Paul made us a roast dinner. I asked for a smaller portion, as we normally have epic roasts which make you feel really fat afterwards...

 Yeah. Not quite the size I had in mind...

I think I need a bit more than that to keep my strength up! Luckily for me, Paul was joking and there was plenty more to make me a larger small portion!

We then watched X Factor and went to bed. Early start tomorrow as well!

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